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    Wedgienet.net on Society6

    A few years ago, I had a shop on Etsy selling my illustrated handmade goods such as notebooks, tumblers, stickers, and other paper goods. As much as I like unwinding by making stuff by hand, my purpose for selling on Etsy was not to uplift the handmade movement or whatever, but because I liked having my work on tangible products and making it accessible to whoever’s interested in owning something with my design on it. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and a shift in priorities, I closed shop almost two years ago. Making things with my illustrations on them was taking up the time I should be illustrating.   Society6…

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    Illustrated travel journal: Kansai region, Japan

    It’s been a year since my Japan trip, and I still have not finished my Japan travel journal. Seeing its been a year and there have been other trips since, I am giving up on ever getting it done and just posting what I have so far. Hihi. Osaka Castle park My first autumn! The onigiri as illustrated in the journal. Assorted sushi and maki from the supermarket My washi tape loot. See related entry about washi tape here. Kiyomizudera temple all lit up. Read my other Japan entries here, or view my other illustrated travel journals.

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    Bacolod travel journal

      Two trips in three weeks! Eagle-eyed readers (all two of them) might’ve seen my previous Wordless Wednesday entry and assumed I was traveling. Indeed, I was! I was in Seoul, South Korea last week but before I can get to that, I have yet to post a blog entry of a trip that came a couple of weeks before– Bacolod city, in the Visayan province of Negros Occidental, Philippines.   People go to Bacolod primarily for the annual MassKara festival (mass = many, cara (Spanish) = face, maskara (Tagalog) = mask), a street festival filled with colorful smiling masks and costumed street dancers. There are dozens of similar festivals…