London calling

One of my goals this year is to update more regularly on this blog. I wish I could be more like some of my favorite illustrators who can get away with just posting pictures of what they’re working on and pass it off as a blog entry with hardly any text. But I’m a bit of a blabbermouth online and it’s always nice to have things in context, hence my lengthy blog entries (with weeks going by in between updates). Quality over quantity, I say.

But here’s my attempt at (hopefully) regular show and tell of new/recent/ongoing work. I’ll still have my occasional lengthy entries every now and then, but with more posts like this in between.

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I’ve recently finished working on a London-themed collection for a couple of trade shows. Here are a few snippets from the collection:

London Calling

London Calling

London Calling

London Calling

London Calling

London Calling

A review: Lilla Rogers’ Make Art That Sells

Blog entry: Make Art That Sells Week 1: Paper

This post is for those who have read my previous blog entries about Lilla Rogers’ Make Art That Sells e-course and are wondering if it’s worth it.

From my posts, it probably sounds as if we were just given five assignments and that’s it– bam!— you now know how to draw. But this is NOT (entirely) an illustration course, and it’s not as simple as it looks and sounds. Contrary to the course title, it is not just about the physical act of making and drawing. The course goes into a lot of detail about WHAT makes commercial art sellable, what manufacturers look for in buying artwork to put on their products, what steps you can take to not just make great art but HOW to get that art on the market, and how to spot emerging trends so you can act accordingly and ride the trend wave (leading to sales for your work). Personally, I’d say this course is 90% about the business side of art, and 10% making art according to what you learned about the business side of it.

Class work
My five weeks worth of work from the class


So, given all that, is it worth it then?

For me, a resounding YES.

The two-part course costs £798, or £399 each part. That’s approx. $600 USD, or Php 26,600 for just one part of the course. I signed up for the course (Part B only) earlier this year and if I remember right, I got an early bird discount so I got a few thousand Pesos off the price. It’s still pretty expensive (I gave up a trip outside the country and spent my travel funds on this course instead), but if you’re DEAD SERIOUS about illustration as a career and you know you can make a profit off your work, I think you’ll agree with me when I say that the course price is merely a drop in the bucket in the long run, especially when you consider the value this course brings.

Here is my personal list of things I liked the most about the class and why they’re important:

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2013 Yearender giveaway results!

Hello! If you’re following me over on my social media channels, you’re probably aware that I extended the deadline for the giveaway another two days. I failed to anticipate that I’d be away traveling on the original date of the contest draw.

My Hong Kong travel journal which I will finish 2457527 years from now.


The extended contest deadline gave people more chances of putting in more contest entries via tweeting/sharing/reposting the giveaway images though. Thank you to everyone who participated in the giveaways! It’s my first time running a giveaway of this scale, and there were over 1,400 contest entries on the Rafflecopter widget, over 100 entries on Instagram, and 50+ shares on Facebook.

Now it’s time to announce the winners, starting with Prize A. The winner was picked by random drawing via Rafflecopter:


Congratulations, Jorese! 😀

For Prizes B and C (Instagram and Facebook), I picked the winners using state-of-the-art equipment and the groundbreaking method…


…of drawing names out of a box.



Congratulations, Joan and May!

To all the winners, please email me at wedgienet [at] with your mailing address so I know where to send your prize 😀

I really wish I could give out more prizes as there were a lot of people who probably flooded and annoyed their friends by posting the same thing over and over again. But alas, there can only be three winners… for now. There will be more giveaways to come in the future, though 🙂

Until the next giveaway! 🙂