• Faith

    God reroutes you for a reason

    This is a repost from my personal Facebook account, from November 21, 2017. I parked near St. Jerome church for the free parking, then I walked over to Alabang Town Center to run errands. I was already in the middle of the mall when I realized I forgot my other bag so I walked aaaaallll the way back to the car to get it… only to realize, when I got to the car, that I left the bag at home. *facepalm*

  • Faith

    Finding God and finding my way back

    The last I’ve written extensively on this blog was in 2015. If you look through my posts in 2015, you’ll notice that: 1) I took a break from my client work 2) I went through what I call a “creative rut” 3) I stopped writing in my blog

  • News

    Hello again

    No big blog relaunch, no bells and whistles for now. I’m dusting off this blog (my last post was in 2015!) and moving in to this domain, RegSilva.com (all my blog entries used to be on wedgienet.net, which will now be a portfolio-only site). My primary aim is to get back into blogging. This blog is currently bare bones– I will be adding bits and pieces of functionality as I see fit and when the need arises. For now, just words 🙂 Stay tuned to my updates by: 1) Signing up for my email list here. In return, I’ll give you my sketchbook for free. 2) Liking my Facebook page,…

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    Hue Can Do It! Coloring book launch

    Coloring books for adults are all the rage these days. Coloring is supposedly meditative and relaxing, but I’ve never gotten into the whole adult coloring book craze. I assume it’s because I already color as it’s part of my work as an illustrator, so it wouldn’t make sense for me to color outside of work for leisure. I can see how others would gravitate to coloring as a way to pass time and release stress, though. Riding on the adult coloring book wave, Summit Media and Studio Dialogo extended an invitation to me to be part of a local coloring book publication, along with 40 other Filipino artists. I was…

  • Odds and Ends

    Creative rut

    I’m in a creative rut, and have been for the past several months. It’s the reason why I’ve missed uploading two of my monthly wallpapers this year and frankly, I don’t foresee myself posting the rest of the wallpapers for 2015. I’ll have to rethink my wallpaper strategy, sorry. I’ve been uploading wallpapers monthly for two years now and I think I’ll stop. I might start up the wallpapers again in 2016. Maybe, maybe not. I haven’t been doing personal art for several months now. I’m going through creative brain drain. I’m just… stuck, I guess. For a long time now, client work has been dominating and perhaps I forgot…