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Going to the dentist and an Inquirer feature on my Instagram feed

Note: This post was going to be a Sunday Snippets entry which should explain the randomness at the start. I didn’t get to post it then because my hosting provider was down at the time.

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I went to the dentist last Saturday. Sad face. I hate, hate, HAAAAATE going to the dentist, even if it’s just for a routine cleaning. Going to the dentist is one of my biggest non-mortal fears, and while my current dentist is nice, I cannot fathom why there are people who choose to become dentists. It’s a horrible profession! …said the girl with a lot of cavities in her teeth.

I had a molar pulled. This happened:

Horrible time at the dentist
I am not exaggerating.


Please do not judge my illustration skills by this crude doodle alone. I just wanted to show you what happened— in order to pull my big, fat molar out, the dentist had to use both hands to pull and the dentist’s wife had to hold my head down. And it didn’t come out easy. It took them maybe five minutes to pull my tooth out (I was on anaesthesia so I didn’t feel any pain, just discomfort and pressure on my mouth), and when it did, one of the tooth’s “legs” (I know there’s a proper term for it but whatever!) broke off and was left in the gum. Ah, well…

My poor, unwanted tooth

After my time at the dentist, I went to the supermarket to buy painkillers and antibiotics and also to pick up a copy of the July 13th issue of The Philippine Daily Inquirer. Earlier that week, I was contacted by the Inquirer and was asked if they could do a feature on my Instagram account for the Super section. I said yes, of course, despite the fact that I had to take a selfie (the horror!) for the article. I thought I was going to be there along with a few other featured Instagram users, so imagine my surprise when I picked up my copy and saw this:

Me and my Instagram account on the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Turns out it’s the start of a weekly column where they feature one of their favorite Instagrammers and I was the first to be featured. Aww, yay! They printed some of their favorite photos from my feed and my answers to their questions. You can check out the online version (not all photos available) of the article here. Thanks to Pam Pastor for the feature! ๐Ÿ˜€

This is timely because at the time of writing, I’m just a few followers shy of 2,000 (the article on Inquirer brought in around 35~ new followers the day it was published). That blows my mind sometimes, considering that when I first joined Instagram a year and a half ago, I had 86 followers and most of them were friends and acquaintances. I wanted at least 500 followers then and had no idea how to get to that number. I kept posting anyway, simply because IG was fun in itself, followers or no followers.

Some of what I post on Instagram
Some of what I post on IG


In time, I started gaining followers, especially after I streamlined my feed about a year ago to exclude everything else that didn’t fall into one of these categories: drawings, illustrations, my work, arts and crafts, cute stuff, my cats. I had to make a second, private, personal, for-real-life-friends-and-Facebook-pseudo-friends-only IG account for all other things I wanted to post but didn’t fit in with those things above.

Wedgienet on Instagram

Instagram is a great community and I’ve also found some new favorite artists, photographers, and online friends there. This is your cue to follow me on Instagram— my username is @wedgienet. I’m aiming for 3,000 followers by the end of the year ๐Ÿ˜› #ambisyosa XD