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    Make Art That Sells, Week 1: Paper

    I’ve gone back to school! But not the kind of school you’re expecting– that’s boring. Last March, I signed up for Lilla Rogers’ Make Art That Sells e-course. Lilla Rogers Studio is my DREAM agency (I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that as I’m already represented by another agency!) and Lilla reps a few of my favorite artists (among them, Jillian Philips and Mike Lowery). Lilla is one of the world’s top illustration agents and I tell you, I see her artists’ work on products all the time, even here in Manila. You know her artists and the studio must be really successful and get a lot of projects if…

  • Illustration

    It’s Caturday!

    It’s Caturday! Whee!   Forgive the lack of posts– I’ve got lots of new work to show but no permission to share them yet 😛 This will have to do in the meantime! This is my shortest blog entry ever.

  • Arts & Crafts

    Review: Stampin’ Up! Undefined Stamp Carving Kit

    Look what I got to play with recently! It’s been a while since I carved any stamps because I’ve been busy with illustration work. I’ve been itching to dig my tools into erasers and rubber and this came at a perfect time! [pinit]   It’s a Stampin’ Up! Undefined Stamp Carving Kit which comes with everything you need to start carving your own custom rubber stamps. Fun! I’m not a fan of pre-made creativity and apart from the time I was ten and bought some kiddie stamps from a neighbour’s garage sale, I’m not the type who would buy ready-made stamps. Some old stamps I got from a garage sale…

  • Illustration


    I’ve been busy with several client projects, none of which I can show yet since they’re either under NDA or still in production, but I can show you some personal work 🙂 This started out as an entry to Lilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search contest where the winner gets two years of representation from Lilla Rogers Studio. I’m ineligible to enter as I already have agency representation but I liked the contest brief and thought I would work on it anyway, for fun and to possibly add to my portfolio. I’m not at liberty to share the exact details of the contest brief but I am allowed to say that…

  • Sketches and doodles

    Project sketches

    I’m currently looking through my recent work in preparation for overhauling my illustration portfolio, which badly needs to be updated. Here are some exploratory pencil roughs and sketches for a project I did last year for an online game targeted for very young children.   These first four pages is me throwing out ideas to come up with game characters very small kids can relate to. I start all of my work by sketching with a 2B mechanical pencil and scanning the page in. I write notes to myself and pick out bits and bobs which I think can be developed further and add color in Photoshop.   I liked…