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    How to carve eraser stamps

    When I first started carving eraser stamps early this year (2012), I knew only ONE other person locally (Lorra of Stars For Dreams), who was also doing the same thing. In the last few months though, crafting, and stamp carving especially, has been the trendy thing to do among twenty- and thirty-somethings in Manila (along with calligraphy and washi tape!). The DIY/handmade/crafting movement has been going strong for the last few years internationally, thanks to Etsy, and Manila has started to catch on. Crafting is not just for kids and little old lolas anymore! Some of my rubber and eraser stamps. I’ve sporadically been posting my eraser stamps on Instagram…

  • Illustration,  Odds and Ends

    Sushi and Tiger, and other cats in my life

    Let’s get this out of the way: I am a crazy cat lady. Some of you might have noticed a brown tabby cat in my recent Wordless Wednesdays. That’s Tiger, just one of two cats I have. The Illustration Friday drawing prompt for last week was WHISKERS, and while I missed the deadline (hihi- didn’t have time to blog then), I thought it would be a good time to introduce you to my cats as they will be showing up a lot in my work (they already have, actually). This is SUSHI (7 months old). A few months ago, my family and I moved to a new house. Sushi lived…

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    DIY Washi-taped Keyboard

      Just recently, I was without Internet for two weeks. For a country where a lot of BPO companies conduct business, we sure do have sucky, local customer service *coughPLDTcough*. For most, two weeks without Internet is like a death sentence, but for me it was like rehab. I had Internet on my phone (however slow *coughGLOBEcough*) so it wasn’t that bad. Also, being (partially) disconnected from the online world gave me a chance to start on things I had previously been putting off. Like washi-taping my keyboard.   I got the idea from Minifanfan who seems to have started the trend. I’ve been meaning to washi my keyboard ever…

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    Rubber/eraser stamp carving, part 2

    I live on the Internet. Screenshot of my old online digs, courtesy of the Internet Wayback Machine. I’ve been online and making websites since 1998, in various places on the web. I am grateful to have been an impressionable teenager then, quick to embrace new technology and media at the time the Internet went mainstream. I blogged my life online, along with a regular circle of local blogger friends and we all kept updated on each others’ lives via Livejournal. Some of them I’ve known for about ten years now– some I’ve met in real life, or bumped into randomly in school/at work, and there are others I haven’t met…

  • Illustration

    Illustration Friday: Fluid (and visual puns)

    For this week’s Illustration Friday (which I need to make a habit!), I thought this illustration I happened to be working on was a fit for the week’s topic, which is fluid.   It’s part of an ongoing set of visual pun illustrations, inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest (are you on Pinterest? Find me there 😉 )       Watchuteenk? Any other suggestions? 🙂