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    Bacolod travel journal

      Two trips in three weeks! Eagle-eyed readers (all two of them) might’ve seen my previous Wordless Wednesday entry and assumed I was traveling. Indeed, I was! I was in Seoul, South Korea last week but before I can get to that, I have yet to post a blog entry of a trip that came a couple of weeks before– Bacolod city, in the Visayan province of Negros Occidental, Philippines.   People go to Bacolod primarily for the annual MassKara festival (mass = many, cara (Spanish) = face, maskara (Tagalog) = mask), a street festival filled with colorful smiling masks and costumed street dancers. There are dozens of similar festivals…

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    Dragonfly, Dragonfly, Show Us The Way – Illustrated e-book

    Some news! I’ve illustrated my first e-book! 🙂   Earlier this year, Flying Books, a publisher of children’s e-books on the iOS platform, matched me with Chris and Melissa Bugaj from the Night Light Stories podcast who wrote this wonderful story about a dragonfly, a buffalo, and a ferret on an adventure. They needed an illustrator to bring the story to life, and that illustrator turned out to be me! I got the assignment for Dragonfly, Dragonfly, Show Us The Way in March 2012, a few weeks before I was to leave for a 2-month working vacation in the US. The timing was inconvenient, but I wasn’t going to pass…

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    Illustration Friday: Lost

    Sometimes I draw myself as a cat. Meow.   San Francisco, May 2012. It was my first time to really be alone while traveling. I was in San Francisco the month before, but only for a couple of days and with friends. Now I was back for some unfinished business and I didn’t bother contacting my friends in the city since it was a short and quick weekday visit. Now I don’t mind traveling alone and in some ways, I prefer being alone so I can do anything I want without having to consider the other person’s needs/wants (ha, I’m selfish). Fun! What’s NOT fun, though, is getting lost alone.…

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    Illustration Friday: Suspend

    It seems I only post Illustration Friday drawings if I happen to have work that fits the week’s topic. I know that’s not how it’s supposed to work, b-b-but… *incoherent mumbling* This week’s topic is Suspend. I worked on this image recently:   This reminds me of someone I know who told me about her ex-boyfriend’s reason for breaking up with her. “I think he wanted to be an astronaut,” she said. “He said he needed space.”

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    Illustrated travel journal: waiting for the train at LAX Union Station

    Flying over Manila, Philippines. Photo from my Instagram. As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been traveling these days. I’ve been in California since the first week of April for a little working vacation to visit family and friends and go on little trips on the side. From Manila, I flew two hours to Taiwan where I spent some time during my four-hour layover looking for the Hello Kitty airport lounge (more on that in another entry). Then from Taipei, I took a 12-hour flight to Los Angeles. I was hoping to catch an in-flight movie but the man sitting in front of me on the plane had inconsiderately…