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    London calling

    One of my goals this year is to update more regularly on this blog. I wish I could be more like some of my favorite illustrators who can get away with just posting pictures of what they’re working on and pass it off as a blog entry with hardly any text. But I’m a bit of a blabbermouth online and it’s always nice to have things in context, hence my lengthy blog entries (with weeks going by in between updates). Quality over quantity, I say. But here’s my attempt at (hopefully) regular show and tell of new/recent/ongoing work. I’ll still have my occasional lengthy entries every now and then, but…

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    Make Art That Sells, Week 3: Scrapbooking

    I’m going to be honest here. I don’t like scrapbooking. Neither do a lot of my classmates from my Make Art That Sells class (side note: I was surprised to learn that a lot of my British/European classmates aren’t even the least bit familiar with what scrapbooking is. Apparently, it’s an American thing). I get scrapbooking’s appeal but personally, it’s not for me. Most of the scrapbooking work I see is just pre-made creativity (templates) collaged together looking like… pre-made work. Of course, there are standout scrapbookers who manage to create and manipulate these templates to really come up with work that looks beyond templated, but they seem to be…

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    Paris Girls

    Some recent work! I sometimes steer clear of labelling myself as a children’s illustrator (preferring to just use “illustrator”) in my various social networking/online portfolio accounts, as I don’t want to limit myself to doing nothing but children’s illustrations. I get a lot of work aimed towards illustrations for the 0-5 year old age group, but I know my work can also appeal to an older demographic, like pre-teens, teens, and young adults. Case in point, this illustration I made recently for Puzzle Michele Wilson, a French company that’s known mostly for making jigsaw puzzles. They also make toys, postcards, magnets, pendants, and accessories. The brief was to show a…

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    Calaguas, an unspoiled beach destination for the Boracay-weary

      I’m a contributing writer for lifestyle and travel website When In Manila and I wrote this piece on a remote, undeveloped beach in a province in the Philippines. Sharing this with my readers (all three of them)— despite the “third-worldliness” of this country, I love living in the Philippines and places like Calaguas being within reach is just one of the reasons why. * * * When in Manila, ask any urban-dweller about the best beach in the country and you are guaranteed a popular answer: Boracay. And why not? Boracay’s blindingly white powder-fine sand and its clear, azure waters have spoilt us Filipinos. The Philippines’ top tourist destination…

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    Singapore’s Bras Basah Complex and Art Friend, the Asian equivalent of Michaels Arts and Crafts

    (Read the first part of this two-part series here) On our last full day in Singapore, my family and I decided to go our separate ways one afternoon since we all wanted to do different things. My parents went to Bugis, a street/flea market (they later complained that it was just like Manila’s Divisoria), my brother did touristy stuff like the Gardens by the Bay since he didn’t know what else to do (haha), and I took this chance to go to Bras Basah Complex. Photo: Wikipedia