is my personal website apart from my illustration portfolio, Here I write about my random thoughts and musings about illustration, arts and craftstravels, and whatever strikes my mood and fancy.

I take delight in buying and reading books, doing arts and crafts, taking occasional leisurely trips in and out of the country, drinking coffee, eating, and laughing at silly, random things. I love spending time at home (home being Manila, Philippines) surrounded by my art materials, books, and my two cats, Tiger and Sushi.

I grew up on the Internet. I spent my teenage years tinkering with basic HTML, making websites and writing in online journals along with a bunch of Internet friends before blogging was a word. Recently, I started writing about God and my faith after having been found by Him in 2015 (before that, I was an agnostic for about 15 years). My hope and aim is that my blog posts about faith and spirituality pique the curiosity of those who come across my writings and inspire them to seek, find, and pursue more of God in their lives. May He be glorified in me and my stories 🙂

(Note: all opinions expressed on my blog are my own and do not express the views or opinions of my community, ministries, or any other organizations I am affiliated with.)

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