Drawing close to God

Yesterday I attended a Palm Sunday online recollection on Zoom that uses art as an aid to contemplate the cross, given by Cenacle Retreat House. I had come across the ad for the recollection on my Facebook feed and I was drawn to it for the art aspect, assuming we will be using religious artwork to meditate on Christ. I had no other expectations for it, other than it would be a nice spiritual activity for Holy Week. But I was already in tears at the recollection facilitator’s introduction, even before the program started. Sister Cecile mentioned we will be given reflection points throughout the program and we were free to journal our insights, and even draw them. She showed photos of previous participants’ artworks. At that, I started tearing up because I don’t know… I felt SEEN. At that moment I felt a deep assurance that MY ART IS IMPORTANT TO GOD, even if sometimes I feel it’s not important to me or to others. I sobbed like an idiot, feeling especially silly at my emotional reaction because Sr. Cecile was merely giving us instructions, telling us what to expect at the recollection ūü§£ Was I glad that my video was turned off on Zoom so no one could see me blubbering into my coffee cup. I reacted that way because it was a huge deal for me, considering what my art had been through the last five, six years. I haven’t held back the fact that I have suffered through a long, drawn-out case of artist’s block since 2015, and that ended only during the last quarter of 2019 (that’s the equivalent of depression for artists, I realize). And in those years, I fought back feelings of inadequacy, doubt, and self-worth, thinking the sketchbook pages I struggled to produce (it was all I could manage at the time) were silly, useless, and a waste of time. And here I was, several years later, crying over a Zoom (that technically hadn’t even started yet) because I felt God validating me about my art being important to Him. Not silly, not stupid, not worthless. But important. (This will be another topic for another time as God has been teaching me a lot about art and its place in His Kingdom.) It’s 2021. I’ve since recovered from the creative block and my art has taken a turn for the better, by God’s grace. I say it’s by God’s grace because I’ve had new inspiration coming in, ideas are flowing, and my recent work, after years of instability and ups and downs… now looks like this: What a transformation: from smiling cupcakes and grinning cats, to religious art. Not that there’s anything wrong with cupcakes and cats (two of my favorite things). But what a journey my art has undergone to become what it is now, and what it will be. And very clearly, God had His hand on it all. Can you imagine? Me, a former unbeliever for 15 years, doing art like this?! ūü§Ē ‘San galing yun??? My art is still in the process of becoming. And I realized the death it had undergone was a preparation for a resurrection; a death to an old life to give birth to a new one. How apt for the Holy Week. * * * And the recollection? Awesome. I gained other insights from the reco but they’re more personal, about things of God, and not art-related. But it did introduce me to the work of other artists who had used their art for God’s purpose. I pray I can say the same about the direction my art is going in ūüôā Have a blessed Holy Week!


Some thoughts on virality– not the Covid kind

On March 1 this year, I created a new Facebook page¬†for my sporadic slice-of-life comics, Real Life Reg. Little did I know the page would explode less than 15 days later. The Community Quarantine due to COVID-19 had just been announced in Metro Manila (March 12) and the doom and gloom¬†on my Facebook feed was palpable (if only we knew what was yet to come, haha). The (then) 30-day lockdown wasn’t a problem for Super Duper Introverted, work-from-home, anti-social me, but it clearly was for others who suddenly don’t know what to do with themselves being in quarantine. Thinking about the things happening, I hopped in the shower before lunch and it was there that an idea for a series of funny “quarantine tips” formed in my thoughts as I was shampooing my hair. As soon as I finished showering, I¬†hurriedly scribbled down my¬†“shower thoughts” before I lose them. Then I plowed through and tried to finish drawing all the¬†visuals in one sitting before I lose my mojo. I know from enough experience that if I don’t, I will lose my motivation/energy, set aside the project, and abandon¬†it forever. FOREVER. I finished the drawings in 3 hours (obvs I didn’t care about putting effort on how it looked; I just wanted to get the idea out) then I waited until later that night to post them on my new FB page. The next day, I woke up to 5,000 shares on the post on Facebook. Cool– but no big deal, I thought. But it just kept going. Then Coconuts Manila got in touch for an interview. Then Manila Bulletin¬†put in a request¬†to publish the drawings.¬†My FB notifs were blowing up and starting to give me anxiety. I had to practice social distancing from my phone for a while as I was stressing out about what was happening online– more than I should be stressing out about the pandemic haha. What have I done?! The Real Life Reg Facebook page– which I had created partly as a side project and a dumping ground for my comics while I kick around half-formed plans for it– all of a sudden went from 140 likes (people I knew in real life) to 6,000+ strangers.¬†I had initial plans for the page but¬†they were for far off into the future. Not NOW. But¬†the universe had other ideas. This isn’t my first brush with “virality.” Some of my Tiktoks have gone mildly viral (less than 3 million views– that’s considered mild on Tiktok), giving me a decent audience. My travel journals have made the rounds in some travel-related FB groups. But those were different– it was my art going viral. This, on the other hand, is REAL LIFE Reg. I had¬†posts¬†on the page featuring actual lines from my journal and actual things that happened to me, presented in comics form. That’s my life– the parts I chose to expose¬†on the Internet– suddenly thrust under the spotlight. So¬†I was legit anxious when the page blew up. I was worrying about the direction and tone of my page, its effects on people I knew in real life,¬†inevitable haters and bashers and angry people, potential breaches of my personal boundaries and¬†privacy, hangers-on and those who want to take advantage, people offering their misguided advice and unsolicited opinions………….. you get the point. One of my main concerns was the page audience. I had preferred to grow my audience organically and authentically– the slow way. The viral aspect threw all that out the window. All of a sudden I had an audience I didn’t know what to do with and¬†my audience didn’t know me either. But I guess I’m starting to get to know them (as they do with me, I suppose) with every post I publish. ¬† One of my challenges also with the page suddenly having an audience before I’ve been able to establish what’s it for¬†is all of a sudden, it’s easy to be swayed to do this or that, to post this or that, to “perform.” I was tempted to make comics to ride on negative viral things (a socialite’s out-of-touch ranting, for one) and political mudslinging. I had to remind myself of the page’s ultimate purpose (those things prior were just a distraction and would contradict the goals I had for the page) and¬†to stay TRUE to myself and what comes naturally to me (but filtered. A lot of what I think and say in real life should NOTTTT NOOOOT be broadcast all over the Internet hihi). And I think the reason why my community quarantine comic and the page itself attracted a following was because I was “shooting from the hip”– not overthinking anything– and just being genuine (candid, weird jokes and all). I also recognized God’s hand in all this. I had intended Real Life Reg to be a stepping stone for one of my future plans/dreams– something that I had on my vision board. Something that would use my God-given talents but would make me uncomfortable and would expose my vulnerabilities (eek!). It was a¬†dream so big that I cannot do it on my own and would need other people’s help for it to materialize (that’s how you know it’s from God– you will need other people). With the sudden audience on the page, I felt God had given me a big leg up towards that dream. It’s also worth noting how my online stuff started going viral after He had me go on a 2-month social media fast late last year— I knew He was getting my heart right before He moved in my social media: “I realized perhaps it was the Lord leading me to prayer and fasting‚Äď not only to break my pattern of addiction, but for spiritual reasons, too. I know He‚Äôs going to do something with my social media platforms (my Mama Mary painting video on TikTok going viral was just a start)‚Äď for His purposes‚Äď and I had to make sure my heart is right, my intentions are clean, and my plans for my social media accounts (and this blog!) are aligned with His, for me to be able to handle this responsibility well.” -from this post Eventually I learned to relax and quit stressing about the future of the page/comic and what isn’t here yet. God has always been so good to grace me with His guidance step by step anyway– just enough of what I need for the moment. I’ll just take things as they come as I know they come with His protection, inspiration, wisdom, grace.¬†The page/comic is ultimately for Him anyway, for His purposes (I’m just intentionally skewing a bit more secular for now).¬†He’ll be the one to guide me along in this journey and I’m looking forward to see where it’ll take me (and you, too)¬†ūüôā —– Follow my Real Life Reg page on Facebook:


Putting myself out there

Note: this post has been sitting in my blog drafts since last year. Some of my work have recently been going viral online, exposing not just my work but MYSELF to a new and bigger audience, and I thought this would be an opportune time to finally hit the publish button on this post. ——- I’m really of two minds about going back to this blog and writing stuff. I’m naturally a very private person. I keep to myself and don’t draw attention to myself if I can. I like being in the background, minding my own business but quietly observing others. I am satisfied, content, and secure in my own inner world that I don’t see the need to get validation from others by going out of my way to be seen and heard. And yet that’s what this blog is for. No, not to get validation (that’s only for parking!). But to be seen and heard. I have so many things I want to write about.¬†What I’m learning. Things I’m coming to realize. Stuff I’m excited about. I don’t know where to start, because the ideas don’t seem to be connected (art, faith, books, prayer, etc.) and just keep coming out of nowhere.¬†At times I do write about them, but only for myself in lazily-scrawled letters, in the privacy of my paper journal. But sometimes there are things that need to be written about—¬†properly and more cohesively– for an audience willing to read. It’s annoying, really. I feel COMPELLED to¬†share myself to people (eww, even just writing that makes me cringe)¬†even if it’s way out of my comfort zone to write about personal things (well, only the things I’m comfortable and ready to write about) going on in my life. Blogging about Taiwan or my¬†work is one thing– it’s impersonal and detached. Writing from a place of vulnerability is another– my struggles, wins, life’s lessons,¬†musings about the faith. The things I’m teaching you aren’t just for you,¬†I thought I sensed God¬†impressing upon me one day, when I marvelled that I was learning a lot of things about Him.¬†They’re for others, too. It’s so much easier to just keep to myself in my own safe, introverted, anti-social world. No people. No drama. No complications. No mess that isn’t yours. But I’m aware that’s not how life is meant to be lived. I also know that when I start going out of my comfort zone and doing the things I know God has called me to do, even if it means I’ll be vulnerable and uncomfortable… then others will be empowered to do the same, too. So I’ll do this for them. For the people who lurk in the background, minding their own business but quietly observing others, waiting for the right opportunity to be heard, too. Never mind that when I “put myself out there,” I’ll unintentionally have people holding me up to their own¬†personal standards (one that I refuse to meet), or unwittingly set myself up as a target for criticism and haters (hello ladies!), or position myself in a place to be judged unfairly (oh, well). But really, I have a higher purpose for doing so:¬†it’s for the Lord. There are so many people out there hiding in the dark, looking for a Light they’re too ashamed to admit they crave for. Bakit mo ipagtatago? You are the light of the world.¬†A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.¬†Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.¬†In the same way, let your light shine before others,¬†that they may see your good deeds¬†and glorify¬†your Father in heaven. Matthew 5:14-16 NIV So¬†if even just ONE¬†person minding their own business, quietly observing others, come out from their own shell and comfort zone empowered and inspired by what I’m doing, then it’s all been worth it.


Illustrated travel journal: Taiwan

I’ve been sporadically working on my Taiwan travel journal since November 2019, and it’s finally finished! Sharing my trip with you the way I chose to see, document, and remember it ūüôā My Taiwan trip was a solo trip; the main purpose of which was for a birthday getaway -slash- ART TRIP. It is very difficult (but feasible) to draw and travel when you have company with you (unless they’re artists, too, and drawing is on your itinerary), so I wanted to take this opportunity to¬†go on this trip¬†specifically to¬†MAKE ART. And yes, as you can see from the journaling space above, I was nursing some hurts from stuff going on in my personal life but it was all the more reason to go on this trip to step away and redirect my focus¬†on happy, positive things in the meantime ūüėõ Drawing landmarks This was actually the first time I¬†was¬†able to intentionally block off time to draw on my travel itinerary.¬†For my past travel journals, I almost never drew on location (I was always with other people and¬†my¬†previous trips were not designed for such)– I would work on my travel drawings perhaps in the hotel after getting back from a day of sightseeing, or weeks and months¬†after the trip was over. This time since I was traveling solo and in charge of everything, I went at my own pace and planned my itinerary around drawing. Documenting experiences I mentioned going to church around my birthday in this previous post, and it was such a meaningful experience that I made sure it¬†would get a spot on my travel journal. I also went to Jiufen, an old mountain town. I’m a lazy traveler and I almost didn’t feel like going there¬†because it was an hour away by bus from Taipei and I’m not very fond of touristy places. But I saw Jiufen’s red lanterns online and it piqued my interest; I thought they’d be nice to draw¬†plus I THOUGHT¬†THE PLACE WOULD MAKE FOR GOOD CONTENT FOR MY TRAVEL JOURNAL hahaha. So off I went to make the out-of-the-way trip. Gosh, if I didn’t have my travel journal to think of (that’s content for my blog, Tiktok, and Instagram!), I probably would’ve skipped going to Jiufen. Traveled for an hour to get to Jiufen, then stayed just an hour because it was cold and crowded and the bus ride made me queasy. I get motion sickness and nobody mentions in travel blogs that a portion of the road¬†to Jiufen is long and winding! So here I am mentioning it! I ended up getting milk tea (which I’m also not a fan of! I don’t like drinking my calories! Haha!) as soon as I arrived in Jiufen to get rid of my nausea. Anyway my 1-hour Jiufen trip, despite it being so short,¬†was worthwhile because I¬†managed to get a Tiktok video out of my trip and my milk tea and¬†the video accumulated 670k views (click here to see it kasi chismosa ka ūüėõ). That’s ROI already on my queasy bus ride nyahahaha. After my Jiufen experience, I had time to browse books at a well-known Taipei bookstore, Eslite: Drawing the food I ate You can’t go to Taiwan and not eat when it’s known for its street food! Part of the fun of keeping a travel journal for me is drawing food. I can’t draw everything I ate on the trip but I did keep note of the more memorable ones. Here are some of them. I really, really, super enjoyed my Taiwan “art trip” and I hope I’d be able to go back in the future– there’s so much I haven’t¬†covered (Houtong cat village! Rainbow village! Night markets!). All the more reason to go back, yes? Here’s to hoping it’ll be sooner rather than later, and make good ROI by documenting it all on my travel journal :)))) * * * Check out my other Taiwan blog posts here. See all my travel journals here.

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I spent my Halloween at the adorable Rilakkuma Cafe in Taipei

I have something to confess. I wasn’t able to visit a single night market in Taiwan¬†ūüôĀ I know, I know. What a tragedy. To be in one of the best places in Asia to eat and not go to a single night market. I have my food allergies (I have a lot of them) to blame– two weeks before¬†flying to¬†Taiwan, I broke out in hives all over my face and entire body from eating fried chicken from¬†a fastfood chain I tried for the first time. A bit paranoid from my experience (I had to go to the hospital ER¬†where they hooked me up to¬†antihistamines via IV), I wanted to play it safe in Taipei and stick to “safe” and unadventurous food as I was traveling alone. That meant no night markets ūüôĀ So… the highlight of my Taiwan trip, food-wise? I came across the Rilakkuma Cafe while searching for cool places to eat in Taipei. Some blogs mentioned this and it caught my interest. It was Halloween, October 31st, and I wanted to go for lunch! I did mention in my previous blog entries that I’m a sucker for cute stuff, no? That includes cute food. I thought it would be a good way to spend Halloween– instead of looking at ghosts and witches, I’d spend it with an adorable bear and his friends. I love Rilakkuma; he’s my second favorite Sanrio character after Hello Kitty ūüėõ Let me show you the food at the Rilakkuma Cafe and you’ll know why I was sold on going: That’s just the menu. I couldn’t wait to see what the actual food looked in person. The¬†server got my order then while waiting for my food, I took photos of the place. Then my food arrived! I¬†got¬†a standard set meal via Klook (more on¬†Klook later!). This is what I ordered: a Rilakkuma Omelette with Beef Bourguignon. LOOK HOW ADORABLE IT IS EEEEEEK I’m not a big fan of beef and I initially wanted a different dish (the cheese rice ball in cream sauce!). But the Omelette, for me, was the cutest out of the meals they had so– GOING BY LOOKS ALONE– I chose this one. I mean, c’mon– RILAKKUMA IS SLEEPING UNDER A BLANKET OF EGGS! With R written on it (it stands for Rilakkuma and also Reg)! It’s¬†INSANE how cute this is. It wasn’t only good-looking; it was actually good, too– full of flavor and very filling as the serving was big. My set meal came with dessert¬†as well and this is what I had: The food presentation was¬†also really good and well thought-of! I washed everything down with a drink (which didn’t come with my set meal; I ordered it separately). Check out their other desserts! I mentioned that I got this set meal via Klook. Stay with me– this is not a sponsored post ūüôā HAVE YOU USED KLOOK BEFORE?!¬†I haven’t, prior to this trip! I would come across mentions of it on blogs but I never paid attention. I only did when I booked my Rilakkuma Cafe experience. Turns out Klook is this amazing travel voucher app that lets you book discounted activities, tours, hotels, passes, entrance tickets, etc. Klook had a voucher for a set meal at the Rilakkuma Cafe which I bought¬†before leaving for Taiwan. It came out cheaper (around 15% off) to avail of my set meal via Klook than if I had paid in person at the restaurant for the dishes I ordered. All I had to do upon arrival at the Rilakkuma Cafe was present my already-paid-for voucher on my phone and they got me my order! It was as simple as that. I just had to pay extra for the drink (not included in the set) that I availed of at the restaurant. Check out¬†a similar¬†Rilakkuma Cafe voucher I availed of (for another Rilakkuma Cafe location though! The original voucher I used is no longer active), and if you haven’t used Klook before, sign up¬†for¬†it via my link and get $25 HKD (P150~) to spend on any booking:¬†¬† All in all it was a good dining experience¬†if you’re into cute food and themed restaurants (it may not be for everyone!). The food is admittedly pricey because it’s a themed cafe (you’re paying for the license and experience) but the servings are generous and the food is actually really good (people generally don’t expect much, taste-wise, from themed cafes). I’d probably go to the Rilakkuma Cafe again next time I’m in Taipei. Haha! (P.S. Bakit sa Pinas wala tayong mga themed cafe featuring local characters? Ayaw niyo ng¬†Enteng Kabisote Cafe?!) Rilakkuma Caf√©, Taipei No. 3, Lane 248, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Rd, Da‚Äôan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106 Opening Hours: 11:30am ‚Äď 10:00pm Daily Nearest MRT: Zhongxiao Dunhua Station, Exit 3


Spending my birthday in Taipei

The day started out pretty bleh. I woke up having gotten just a few hours of troubled sleep. The cold weather had gotten to me while drawing outdoors the previous day,¬†and I woke up on the day of my birthday with a clogged nose, a sore throat, a slight fever, and feeling as if all my mucus¬†was in my throat (too much info?). I felt terrible and contemplated staying in my hotel the entire day to rest off what I¬†felt was going to turn¬†into the flu. Never mind that it was my birthday. I’ve never made a big deal out of my birthdays anyway and prefer to treat it as just a regular day. But the weather forecast¬†told me that that Saturday was the only day in my seven-day trip to Taiwan¬†when the sun will be out. Indeed, it had been drizzling and overcast the past few days. I forced myself out of bed, deciding to take advantage of the current weather and thinking the sun will warm my bones and my sinuses and perhaps make me feel better. My first meal of the day was a leisurely lunch at a street stall serving Malaysian food. I was so pleasantly surprised to have THE. SUPER. DUPER. B E S T. Hainanese Chicken Rice I’ve ever had. My clogged sinuses didn’t get in the way of my sense of taste haha. I love chicken and this chicken was juicy and tender; the rice was so flavorful. Mmmmm! I’m salivating just thinking about it. After that I went to¬†take the train in search of¬†a certain coffee place I found online. I got off at the¬†station and spent a few minutes looking for the place on Google Maps… only to get lost and come up empty-handed. I dunno– I wasn’t able to find it. I went to another coffee shop instead,¬†and had waffles and coffee. Their coffee was REALLY, really good, and the warmth really soothing for my sore throat. Since I was already there, I thought I’d check out other places I could go to in the area (para di sayang ang punta ko). Checking Google Maps, I saw that an artsy creative hub I read about online was not too far away, so I decided to go. I walked towards that direction, but saw a sign for the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall instead. I knew nothing about it but the park grounds looked inviting so forgetting my original plan, I turned in that direction instead. Entrance was free, the Memorial Hall impressive, and the park was spacious. Also seen from the park grounds was a pleasant surprise– Taipei 101, formerly the world’s tallest building. It’s a Taiwan landmark but I hadn’t planned on visiting it because to me, it was just a building. Still, it was nice to see it, even if unintentionally. It was photography golden hour. I was feeling better already, and true to the weather forecast, the sun was out that day. It was pleasantly cool and everything was bathed in soft, golden light. I was surrounded by people taking leisurely strolls and little¬†kids running around, blowing bubbles that were glistening in the sun. An old man was flying a kite nearby. Everything was so charming and idyllic. If it had been a scene in a movie, it would’ve had a soundtrack– light, happy music with children laughing in the background. I found myself in between two Taipei landmarks with the sun reflected behind me, and managed to get this shot. I recognized this moment as God’s personal birthday blessing for me. I¬†hadn’t asked God for anything specific or grand for my birthday, but He knows I’ll find joy and delight in these “little” things (which, to me, are big things) anyway– the¬†delicious chicken lunch, wonderful coffee, idyllic time at the park, unexpected landmarks, the sun shining. Before¬†my¬†trip, I had prayed for the Lord to direct me to where I need to be and that I “always find myself at the right place, at the right time.” I realized this was a manifestation of¬†my prayer being answered. I may not have planned to be here (wanting to stay in in my hotel, getting lost and not finding the coffee shop I wanted, planned on going somewhere¬†and took an unplanned turn instead) but here I was in the perfect spot, and at the¬†perfect time as captured in the photo. I realized God was showing His favor upon me and that I was exactly where God intended me to be. A man‚Äôs heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.¬†Proverbs 6:19 NKJV I settled down on the sidewalk to draw in my travel journal. A Taiwanese lolo came up to me and started talking in Chinese, thinking I was a local. He complimented me on my drawing and showed off my sketchbook to his wife, who greeted me coolly and didn’t seem pleased¬†about¬†her husband talking to a single female half his age hahahahaha. Then I went home¬†because it was starting to get dark and my pocket wifi had run out of battery. It had been a¬†wonderful day ūüôā * * * The next day was a Sunday. The English mass at¬†the Catholic church I had found was at 9:45 AM. The night before, I prayed, “Lord, if You want me there, help me get there in time.” (Let’s be honest, minsan tamad tayo mag-simba.) I had misread the subway map and underestimated my time, so I¬†lost a good 15 minutes of travel¬†on the way to the church.¬†I¬†arrived during the second reading and settled in at the church pew. Some of the songs sung at mass were Filipino arrangements I was familiar with, and I marvelled at how mass is the same in other countries. I’ve been able to¬†attend¬†non-English Catholic masses in Macau and Italy, and one can still get a sense of what’s going on even if the mass is celebrated in a¬†foreign language. How nice and comforting that the Catholic church is the same wherever you go, I thought, smiling to myself. And when communion started, the song sung was How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place. It touched me to my core and I wanted to cry. I felt¬†the Lord acknowledging and affirming what I had in my thoughts. God wanted me to be here, in the comfort of His church ūüôā After the mass, they asked the first-time visitors to the church to stand up. I did,¬†and I was given a Holy Family prayer card along with the other first-timers. Then they called all November birthday celebrants to the front where we were prayed over by the priest. The congregation sang happy birthday, then we were given an envelope with a birthday card and a prayer booklet. I realized– the day of my birthday might have been over, but the birthday blessings from the Lord were not. I went out of the church and went about the rest of my day with a happy heart, hihi. This entire trip was a delight, and I felt the Lord’s blessings and favor upon me all through out. But these are the ones I especially wanted to really document and write about. It was a good way to start off a new chapter in my life. Thank You, Lord! I am eternally grateful ūüôā


Quirky, illustrated Taiwan

Hello from Taiwan! ūüôā I felt like getting away for my birthday and booked my flight to Taipei a little more than a month before my departure. Why Taiwan? I actually was considering going to Japan or Korea¬†(both of which I’ve been to before) for my birthday trip but thought Taiwan would be cheaper (and it is), haha! Also, I’ve never been to Taipei beyond passing through its airport for layovers. I thought Taiwan would make for a good Asian trip for its proximity to Manila, availability of inexpensive airfare, and its street food. But my biggest deciding factor? TAIWANESE STATIONERY. I’m a sucker for stationery– stickers, notepads, pens, notebooks, and all sorts of art supplies and paper goods.¬†I knew Taiwan has them in abundance, so that was a huge plus in deciding where to go for my birthday trip! I’m traveling solo so I also thought this¬†would be a perfect¬†opportunity to turn this into an art trip– to draw and paint while traveling (more on these things in my upcoming blog posts!). So I landed in Taipei a few days ago… and I TOTALLY did not expect that Taiwan would be like quirky, illustrated Japan! Right off the bat, I was greeted with illustrated signages at the airport’s walkways. I had time to kill before checking in to my hotel, so I wandered a bit around the airport souvenir shops and found these. Super cute! There was more when I rode the¬†MRT into the city. I was starting to wonder why Taiwan was so heavily into illustrations for their advertisements, much like Japan. I vaguely recall Taiwan being a hub for cartoon animation in the past and some cursory googling confirmed as much. Perhaps that influenced their use of illustrations for advertising and information visuals. Most people will just ignore these signs and walk right past them but remember, I’m an illustrator (and a reluctant graphic designer)! I love this kind of stuff! I was the only person taking photos of the illustrated backlit displays and posters hahaha (it was a refreshing change from advertisements in Manila plastered with faces of celebrities!). I also like how their food packaging is illustrated. I was walking around the city and saw several electric boxes (?) painted with actual paint (instead of the usual printed laminate).¬†It’s a pity there’s graffiti on it but the art is still pretty! And take a look at my Easycard. It’s a reloadable card/keychain you can use to pay for train/bus rides and convenience store purchases. As I was buying my Easycard, I was asked to choose between a Chinese-looking flowery¬†design and a Mr. Potato Head one. Why Mr. Potato Head was an option, I have no idea (and of course that’s what I picked). But it’s added quirk to love about Taiwan. Can you imagine paying with¬†a Pong Pagong MRT card (uy, nahahalata ang edad) in Manila? Is the Philippines quirky like dut? I don’t think so. (We’re quirky when it comes to politics and other things, but not design-wise). There are so many cute and illustrated quirky things to see in Taiwan that I’ve pretty much stopped taking photos coz they’re just taking up space on my phone. What a pleasant surprise for me to discover that illustration-wise, Taiwan is every bit as cute and adorable as Japan. Do let me leave you with one more photo– my favorite illustrated signage so far, seen on the MRT: I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more illustrated quirk for the rest of my stay here, knowing that this trip will influence my work as an illustrator in the future ūüôā


20 Ways to Draw a Strawberry (and 44 Other Elegant Edibles)

I posted a video on TikTok of me drawing in this book and the video blew up, with over 680,000 views 1.5 million views and 170,000 likes 352,000 likes as of this writing (tbh it’s lowkey stressful to have that many notifs blowing up¬†my phone ūüėÖ).¬†People have been asking the title of the book and where to get it so I decided to write this post ūüôā The book is 20 Ways to Draw a Strawberry and 44 other Elegant Edibles by Zoe Ingram. It’s available here on Amazon, but I got my copy from the Big Bad Wolf book sale in Manila last year (2018): 20 Ways to Draw a Strawberry, published by Quarry Books, is a simple book with prompts, blank pages, and sample drawings to get you started on unlocking 20 (or more!) different ways to draw food items: Twenty premade drawings are provided by the author/illustrator, Zoe Ingram. The rest of the page is left blank for you to fill in with your take on 20 more ways to draw the item given. And yes, from the way it sounds, it’s quite a creative challenge to think up ways to draw a single object differently! Your creative juices will be squeezed and your artistic muscles flexed in filling up this book. I’ve filled in several pages using different media– watercolor (don’t use too much water; the book’s pages aren’t for wet media), colored pencils, pens, acrylic markers, and brush pens. I bought this book on a whim at Big Bad Wolf because it was so inexpensive (maybe Php 100?!). It makes for good practice to challenge oneself to think out of the box and suspend whatever art style you have (if you already have one) and try out new things. I’m looking forward to filling in the other pages (I will TikTok it!) in between more serious creative work. This is the video on TikTok that blew up, by the way: Follow me on TikTok! My username is @regsilvadotcom. 20 Ways to Draw a Strawberry and 44 Other Elegant Edibles: A Sketchbook for Artists, Designers, and Doodlers is available on Amazon for $5.53. Check it out here:¬† (Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.)


I got into abstract painting as a joke. Joke’s on me.

Warning: very colorful post ahead. In my younger years, I hated going to art museums and galleries and seeing crappy (to me) art being sold for a ton of money. I¬†had a strong dislike for¬†abstract art– the kind where the artist seems to just randomly throw goopy paint at¬†a canvas and call it art, complete with a highly-philosophical, baloney-sounding artist statement about identity or some inner crisis. What I hated even more was the fact that people were buying it for a price the artist commanded. I’d have my eyebrows knitted together, thinking if perhaps I’m not a real artist (because I¬†make happy, colorful things and I’m not filled with existentialist, suicidal angst?) and I just don’t get it.¬†WTF, I would think. Anyone can do that! It got me thinking… why don’t *I*?! And so in 2017, fresh from having let go of my illustration agent and free from having to do commercial children’s book projects, I purchased some tubes of acrylic paint. My mission: to randomly throw goopy paint at¬†a canvas and call it a hot mess¬†art (“ahhhrrrttt”). And then troll people with it, making them think it’s some sort of deep, high brow, highfalutin conceptual art they don’t understand but will pretend to anyway because they’re pseudo-art connoisseurs (I had to google the spelling of “connoisseur”). If I could make money from it, it would be just a bonus hahaha. Yup, that really was my aim– my idea of a joke I can laugh about in private. That’s why I am quite neutral and actually quite amused about Richard Gomez’s dick painting at ManilArt. Hey Goma, gets kita! You’re trolling everyone! I hope whoever is rich enough to buy your¬†Php 196,000 ($3,800 USD) penis painting is a troll, too! I started looking around on Instagram for abstract painting ideas. In the course of research though, I found myself inadvertently drawn to modern abstract artists on Instagram who were doing pretty, colorful things on canvas. Abstract, yes, but pretty. They were nothing like the drab abstract art in¬†museums that I would be so incensed by. My mind was opened, and so inspired was I that I started doing my own, laying down random splashes of paint on paper (paper muna, pang-practice haha). I quickly found out that abstract painting wasn’t as easy as it looks. Or maybe I wasn’t letting myself off easy– I couldn’t JUST throw paint at a canvas (Sayang! Mahal ang paint!). I still had to consider aesthetic, visual balance, and color composition. Before I knew it, I had built up some very bright and colorful abstract paintings. Oops. What’s surprising was I actually enjoyed working on these– for real, and not because I thought it would be funny to troll people into thinking this was real art. I posted my paintings on my Instagram and my followers also liked what I was doing even if it was immensely different from my usual work. My abstracts got more likes than my real, thought-out, binuhusan-ng-effort illustration stuff. Hahahaha. Oops again. I ceased painting abstracts as a joke and started painting them for my enjoyment.¬†Coming from years of digital illustration and pixels, it was so refreshing to pick up a real brush and use actual paint. The bright and happy colors I was using was therapeutic and the act of painting, relaxing. My abstracts are mindless, experimental, exploratory, and exists just for the sake of existing. Art for art’s sake, unlike my illustrations which had mostly been for clients or commercial applications. I started painting my abstracts two years ago, in 2017. It’s 2019 now, and I occasionally still¬†do paint abstracts when I’m feeling listless and in need of loosening up artistically. I’m looking to eventually even sell off the paintings I’ve accumulated because some people have been interested in purchasing them. They do look good on neutral-colored walls as decorative paintings ūüėõ I’ve actually done more than just abstracts with my acrylic paints– I took up painting lessons this year to learn how to REALLY paint. I’m talking landscapes, still life, and realism. But that’s another blog post for another day ūüôā


Wooooh. Convicted!

Note: This is a post I originally published on my personal Facebook account on March 25, 2018. In mid-2016 I was getting the sense the Lord was telling me I needed to delete my private online journal for safety and privacy reasons in the wake of a suspected cybersecurity issue (among other things). My LiveJournal (hello LJ friends who had access to my account!) had hundreds and hundreds of journal entries dating back to 2001. I had a strong emotional attachment to my journal. Journaling was my outlet and therapy; my journal was where I vented my frustrations, wrote for posterity the things I wanted to remember, told stories about my joys, hurts and heartbreak, funny things that happened to me, and everything in between.¬†My journal was¬†my life. But fast forward to now. Long story short, I did delete my online journal (albeit a year after I first got a nudge from the Lord that I was to delete it) but not before a lot of tears, hemming and hawing, deleting and undeleting. But before I made the final purge online, I compiled all my journal entries into a 970+ page .PDF document and stored it on my hard drive. (Sumunod nga kay Lord, pero kung makakalusot, lulusot) “Israel, you have in your possession some things that I ordered you to destroy! You cannot stand against your enemies until you get rid of these things!” Joshua 7:13 When I read the verse above from my Bible reading today… I knew. I had to delete the .PDF, too ūüė•ūüė≠ so I did that just today, crying over it for a while before I hit the delete button. That’s 15 years of my life… gone. My reflection: we cannot have a new life if we keep holding on to our old lives, and we can‚Äôt start a new chapter if we keep rereading the old ones. Just as the enemy holds us back by bringing up our old issues, we cannot move forward if we keep entertaining the past. The old has gone, the new has come (2 Corinthians 5:17). So now… I‚Äôm truly and finally moving forward and I‚Äôm looking forward to seeing what NEW stories and journal entries God wants me to write… in the safety of a paper journal. P.S. I love it when God speaks directly through His Word. Kahit minsan masakit ūüôĀ