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    Paris Girls

    Some recent work! I sometimes steer clear of labelling myself as a children’s illustrator (preferring to just use “illustrator”) in my various social networking/online portfolio accounts, as I don’t want to limit myself to doing nothing but children’s illustrations. I get a lot of work aimed towards illustrations for the 0-5 year old age group, but I know my work can also appeal to an older demographic, like pre-teens, teens, and young adults. Case in point, this illustration I made recently for Puzzle Michele Wilson, a French company that’s known mostly for making jigsaw puzzles. They also make toys, postcards, magnets, pendants, and accessories. The brief was to show a…

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    Subscribing to RSS feeds (mine, specifically)

    Some of you might’ve noticed that going to my URL, Wedgienet.net, now brings you to my portfolio page instead of showing you my most recent blog posts, as was the case previously. Annoying? Very. I myself don’t like the extra step of clicking on the blog link in the menu bar above just to get to the recent entries. However, if I were to send my website link to an art director for her to check out my portfolio, my work is what I’d like to be seen first and foremost, not my blog. “So what about me, your average reader?” you complain. “Do I really have to make an…

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    I’ve been busy with several client projects, none of which I can show yet since they’re either under NDA or still in production, but I can show you some personal work 🙂 This started out as an entry to Lilla Rogers’ Global Talent Search contest where the winner gets two years of representation from Lilla Rogers Studio. I’m ineligible to enter as I already have agency representation but I liked the contest brief and thought I would work on it anyway, for fun and to possibly add to my portfolio. I’m not at liberty to share the exact details of the contest brief but I am allowed to say that…

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    Nick Jr UK characters

    Late last year, creative agency Joystick Interactive tapped me to design and illustrate some characters for several Nick Jr UK online games targeted for very young children. After a few rounds of exploratory roughs and sketches (see this previous post for the sketch pages) for possible game characters, we settled on a set of jungle animals, but not before discarding some other characters that didn’t make it past the project pitch. Rejected: “Basic shape monsters” and just monsters These ended up as the final characters:

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    Roughs, sketches, storyboards, and final art for Aki Alupihan

    I just realized I never posted about this project I worked on late last year. Actually, there have been a few projects I haven’t blogged about, but let’s start with this.   Bobim Papasin, the author of my first illustrated book, Ang Munting Anghel, wrote a short story about Aki, an alupihan (Tagalog word for centipede) and his family. Bobim got me to illustrate two scenes from the story and he entered the manuscript in Singtel’s 2013 Asian Picture Book Awards. Unfortunately, the entry didn’t make it to the finals but coming up with work like this, especially on a tight schedule, is reward enough for me. It’s a story…

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    Updating my portfolio

    In preparation for overhauling my portfolio, I’ve started adding and removing portfolio pieces to better convey to clients the kind of work I do and the kind of industry I want to get into: art licensing for stationery and paper products, illustrations for the youth market, and illustration for picture books, among others. Overhauling a portfolio isn’t easy. You can’t add every single job that you do and every now and then, you go through your folio and remove the ones which you feel aren’t representative of your work anymore. I was a graphic designer (well, I still am sometimes) before I decided to transition into being an illustrator so…

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    Sailing to Australia

    I’m in the process of overhauling my portfolio and with it comes doing self-directed, personal illustration pieces to fill in gaps in areas I think my portfolio needs more of (narrative illustration for picture books and editorials).   This is my most recent work illustrating an excerpt from Sailing to Australia, a poem by Alvaro Salinas Jr, also known as M.M. Socks.   “I’m sailing to Australia In a cardboard box But since I don’t have any sails I’m using my old socks. I’ve tied them all together, So they may catch the breeze And since I’ve used ten long pairs I’ll be traveling with ease.” I first came across…

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    Armchair activism: poster illustration for Muni.PH’s #CutTheCrap #NoMoreButts campaign

    Ever been so engrossed in whatever you’re doing that you forget time and before you know it, 3, 5, 10 hours have passed? When I’m working and  I get “in the zone,” it’s hard for me to stop. That’s what happened when I got a message from Jen from Muni.PH asking me if I could be part of a visual campaign to raise awareness about the impact of cigarette butts on the environment. http://www.muni.com.ph/cut-the-crap-no-more-butts/ Did you know that cigarette butts are the single most collected item in coastal clean-ups? We may not see them most of the time, but they’re there, buried underneath the sand, and they eventually end up…

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    Do more of what makes you happy: my first postcard mailer

    After a few years of trying to get some illustration experience (having none after coming from a graphic design background), finding my style, figuring out which areas of illustration I want to specialize in, and building up my portfolio, I finally feel like I’m ready to take the next step: sending out a promo postcard mailer to potential clients (companies I want to work with). Before I even finished the illustration for what-would’ve-been-my-first-postcard-mailer, I already had a better idea. This is my quick and lazy concept sketch. I’m almost embarrassed to show you this. I drew this slumped over on a couch, and it shows 😛 My intent for this…

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    Learning my ABCs of illustration and self-promotion

    I’m about to send out my very first postcard mailer to art directors and potential future clients abroad. As a freelance illustrator, self-promotion is important, and one way of catching an art director’s and potential client’s eye is going the old-school route: sending a postcard mailer. It’s essentially a direct mail piece but a pretty, less spammy one! You’re still trying to hard-sell a product (yourself/your work) but you do it in style.   I thought it would be best to show what I like drawing the most to get work related to what I like drawing– children, animals, cupcakes, colorful things, and my hand-drawn letters. I’d want an art…