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    Project sketches

    I’m currently looking through my recent work in preparation for overhauling my illustration portfolio, which badly needs to be updated. Here are some exploratory pencil roughs and sketches for a project I did last year for an online game targeted for very young children.   These first four pages is me throwing out ideas to come up with game characters very small kids can relate to. I start all of my work by sketching with a 2B mechanical pencil and scanning the page in. I write notes to myself and pick out bits and bobs which I think can be developed further and add color in Photoshop.   I liked…

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    Christmas, 11 months too early

    I just recently finished some Christmas designs for my agent. When I say recently, I mean this month, January. Apparently, holiday designs are in demand all year round, with buyers in various stationery and art licensing shows looking for designs to license as early as January or February. Fortunately, the weather’s pretty cool and chilly here in Manila this time of year (it hit 18 C recently! Hello, climate change) so it’s not that ironic to be doing designs for December compared to, say, April or May, when the heat and humidity here is unforgiving.   And since I’m on a pattern kick lately, I made a seamless pattern from…

  • Sketches and doodles

    Illustration Friday: Edge

      When I saw the week’s Illustration Friday prompt, this scenario immediately came to mind and I just had to draw up a quick doodle. It’s based from a compilation of hilarious and supposedly true Filipino beauty pageant answers I read years ago. English is widely spoken in the Philippines, but with over 150 local dialects (and accents), it still gets misheard, mispronounced, and misinterpreted quite often 😀 Check out some other hilarious, laugh-out-loud beauty pageant answers here! (note: some of it is written in a mix of English and Filipino)

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    Sushi and Tiger, and other cats in my life

    Let’s get this out of the way: I am a crazy cat lady. Some of you might have noticed a brown tabby cat in my recent Wordless Wednesdays. That’s Tiger, just one of two cats I have. The Illustration Friday drawing prompt for last week was WHISKERS, and while I missed the deadline (hihi- didn’t have time to blog then), I thought it would be a good time to introduce you to my cats as they will be showing up a lot in my work (they already have, actually). This is SUSHI (7 months old). A few months ago, my family and I moved to a new house. Sushi lived…

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    Illustration Friday: Lost

    San Francisco, May 2012. It was my first time to really be alone while traveling. I was in San Francisco the month before, but only for a couple of days and with friends. Now I was back for some unfinished business and I didn’t bother contacting my friends in the city since it was a short and quick weekday visit. Sometimes I draw myself as a cat. Meow. Now I don’t mind traveling alone and in some ways, I prefer being alone so I can do anything I want without having to consider the other person’s needs/wants (ha, I’m selfish). Fun! What’s NOT fun, though, is getting lost alone. But…

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    Illustration Friday: Suspend

    It seems I only post Illustration Friday drawings if I happen to have work that fits the week’s topic. I know that’s not how it’s supposed to work, b-b-but… *incoherent mumbling* This week’s topic is Suspend. I worked on this image recently:   This reminds me of someone I know who told me about her ex-boyfriend’s reason for breaking up with her. “I think he wanted to be an astronaut,” she said. “He said he needed space.”

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    Ang Munting Anghel – new book sneak peek

    I’m camera shy, sorry!   A few weeks ago, I received the printer’s proof of the children’s book I illustrated, Ang Munting Anghel (The Little Angel). There are still a few tweaks to be made regarding the layout of the text but I’m extremely pleased with how well the illustrations turned out printed!   Synopsis from the back of the book: Araw-araw, isang kerubin sa langit ang nagmamasid sa mag-asawang taga-lupa. Matagal na kasi nilang nais magkaanak pero hindi sila pinapalad. Kaya naglakas-loob si Asuncion na humiling sa Panginoon. Ano kaya ang hiniling ni Asuncion? Pumayag kaya ang Panginoon? Alamin sa kuwentong ito na kukurot sa inyong mga puso. English…

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    That awkward moment where I talk about boys I’m too old for

      One of my freelance projects I worked on while in the US are these paper dolls of a British boyband that’s really making waves these days: One Direction. However, since I’m old (no, not THAT old), don’t watch TV, and live under a rock (a.k.a. working from home), I have to admit I have NEVER heard of them until I got the assignment from Summit Media (publishers of magazines such as Candy, Real Living, local versions of Esquire, Cosmo, etc) as they were releasing a collector’s edition fan magazine about the band. Prior to starting the project, I asked my 18-year old American cousin if she has heard of…

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    I’m baaaaaacccckk!

      Sorry for the long absence on this blog, but I’m back from my 2-month US trip! I like to lie low for a few days after a trip and keep it a secret from people (even friends, heehee) that I’m back in the country already (some people don’t even know I left, thanks to my stealth Facebook filters 😛 I’m a secretive Scorpio like that). I like having a few days to myself to recover from jet lag, unwind, and settle back into a routine. New posts to come soon! Glad to be back home in the third world 🙂

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    All work and no play makes Reg a dull girl.

    When I take a break from drawing (work), I end up doing more drawing (non-work). It’s like playing. They say it’s important to also spend time on personal work as these are the things that will get you paid projects in the future. Here are a couple of stuff not directly related to what I’m working on. I wish I can tell you what it is I’m working on, but I’m not big on announcing stuff until they’re completed (here’s a 6-minute TED talk that supports that idea) 😛 A page from my sketchbook I’m not a dog person so I wasn’t aware until recently that chocolate can be poisonous…