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    Book find: Richard Scarry’s Best Mother Goose Ever

    Recently, I was at a mall I don’t usually frequent and having gotten lost trying to find a restaurant I was supposed to be at for a Christmas get-together, I chanced upon a secondhand bookstore. I went in to browse mindlessly, not looking for anything in particular. I was at the children’s section and I was made aware of a thought and a feeling; like a gut instinct kicking in: that I was going to find something special. I didn’t know what, but a few minutes I later, I spotted a 1970 edition of a Richard Scarry book. Bingo!

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    A review: Lilla Rogers’ Make Art That Sells

    This post is for those who have read my previous blog entries about Lilla Rogers’ Make Art That Sells e-course and are wondering if it’s worth it. From my posts, it probably sounds as if we were just given five assignments and that’s it– bam!— you now know how to draw. But this is NOT (entirely) an illustration course, and it’s not as simple as it looks and sounds. Contrary to the course title, it is not just about the physical act of making and drawing. The course goes into a lot of detail about WHAT makes commercial art sellable, what manufacturers look for in buying artwork to put on…

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    Sunday Snippets: New work sneak peeks + 2013 holiday gift tags in action

    I’ve been busy– busy behind the scenes and working on new stuff and collections for 2014. Let me show you a few sneak peeks 🙂 * * * Check out some of my 2013 holiday gift tags in action! This is how I did my Christmas wrapping this year: I used brown paper, red and blue printed ribbon, and my 2013 gift tags printed on matte photo paper. I used PhotoLast Professional Matte Photo Paper which I randomly came across a few years ago in Office Warehouse: I cannot rave enough about this paper. It’s priced reasonably (P250~? Maybe less) and the quality is amayyyyyzing. I print on it using…

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    Super typhoon Haiyan: where to donate if you’re overseas

    Photo: National Geographic   By now, most of my international followers have heard of the widespread destruction in the Philippines’ Visayas region, brought about by Super Typhoon Yolanda (international codename Haiyan). Yolanda, the equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane, is the strongest tropical cyclone on record to make landfall, and it left a wake of devastation in its path. Metro Manila (where I am) was largely unaffected, but Yolanda went “island-hopping” as it made landfall multiple times over several islands and provinces across the country, uprooting trees, tearing roofs off houses, destroying everything in its path, and causing storm surges (waves rising above sea level due to the wind blowing…

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    A Society6 review: what do their products look like in real life?

    Some time ago, I ordered some of the stuff I sell on Society6 to check out the quality of the merchandise. If that sounds weird to you, it’s only because I don’t actually have any of my products on hand– I just upload the designs and Society6 produces and ships them on demand from their US production facilities (I get a portion of every sale). Just clarifying this as some people think I produce and ship the merchandise myself. iPhone case, $35 USD I first ordered my Kitty Pattern phone case for my iPhone 4S late last year (2012), I think. I took advantage of a free shipping promo going…

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    Stampin’ Up! Undefined Stamp Carving Kit and postcard giveaway winners announced

    Thanks to everyone who joined my Stampin’ Up! Undefined Stamp Carving Kit giveaway last week! There were 114 people who joined from various countries like Italy, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, USA, the Philippines, the Middle East… all over! There were 60 comments on the blog entry within a span of 12 hours on the first day of the giveaway, which was awesome because this is my first ever giveaway and I was afraid only 15 people would join or something. And some of you left such wonderful comments about my work (*blush*) that if I were to decide who the winner is based on flattery, a lot of you…

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    Subscribing to RSS feeds (mine, specifically)

    Some of you might’ve noticed that going to my URL, Wedgienet.net, now brings you to my portfolio page instead of showing you my most recent blog posts, as was the case previously. Annoying? Very. I myself don’t like the extra step of clicking on the blog link in the menu bar above just to get to the recent entries. However, if I were to send my website link to an art director for her to check out my portfolio, my work is what I’d like to be seen first and foremost, not my blog. “So what about me, your average reader?” you complain. “Do I really have to make an…

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    Going to the dentist and an Inquirer feature on my Instagram feed

    Note: This post was going to be a Sunday Snippets entry which should explain the randomness at the start. I didn’t get to post it then because my hosting provider was down at the time. * * * I went to the dentist last Saturday. Sad face. I hate, hate, HAAAAATE going to the dentist, even if it’s just for a routine cleaning. Going to the dentist is one of my biggest non-mortal fears, and while my current dentist is nice, I cannot fathom why there are people who choose to become dentists. It’s a horrible profession! …said the girl with a lot of cavities in her teeth. I had…

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    Sunday Snippets: new work snippets and gadgetlust

    You might’ve noticed the lack of blog posts lately. I’ve been working, but working on projects I can’t/don’t want to show in entirety just yet. So without saying/revealing too much, here are a few sneak peeks at excerpts of some projects I’ve either recently finished or am working on. Hortencio Ongoing – Sketches and in-progress work for portfolio development Paris girls Finished – One of two illustrations for a French company that makes puzzles, magnets, toys, and Paris souvenirs. Tea Party Finished – A set of illustrations for an Australian toy company that makes games for children Play Ongoing – a would-be entry for an art agency’s talent search/competition. I’m…

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    Sunday Snippets: doodled film canisters and new products in the shop

    A few weeks ago, I doodled on these stickers for a collab/project with Muni PH for their #CutTheCrap #NoMoreButts anti-cigarette butt litter campaign (read about my involvement in campaign here). The stickers have since gone on to “funkify” old film canisters that will be repurposed as portable, temporary storage for your cigarette butts, handy for times when trash bins aren’t immediately available (when you’re at the beach, for example, or when you’re *cough* in an SM mall where trash cans are hard to come by *cough*). Muni is having a film canister donation drive that’s been extended until June 6th, so if you’re local and have old film canisters lying…