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Finding God and finding my way back

Happy new year! Looking forward to a better year. As I mentioned in a previous post, I am scaling back in a big way on my art/work this 2018. The sketchbook is still a priority but that's only what I can fit in my schedule so that's what I will be focusin

The last I’ve written extensively on this blog was in 2015. If you look through my posts in 2015, you’ll notice that:

1) I took a break from my client work
2) I went through what I call a “creative rut”
3) I stopped writing in my blog

and if you’ve been following me on Instagram since (@regsilvadotcom), you’ll also know that I:

4) stopped posting for several months
5) didn’t produce any art and went through months and months of creative block

Drawing my feelings


In 2015, I crashed and hit my rock bottom moment. I had some mental health issues, sought the help of a psychiatrist (I’m saying this matter-of-factly to help break the stigma of seeking help for mental issues or even admitting you have/had them in the first place), went through a bout of minor depression and anxiety, hit a wall with my art, and was uncreative and unproductive.

You will turn back to me and ask for help, and I will answer your prayers. Jeremiah 29:12The Bible verse that called out to me when I was mindlessly scrolling through Twitter in the midst of my brokenness.

In 2015, in the midst of it all, I sought God.

I’ve mostly been agnostic since I was 15 or so, wanting to declare myself an atheist but since I couldn’t convince myself there was no god, I declared myself agnostic instead. But this is not a blog post about my faith journey. Not yet, at least (I believe it will come out naturally, little by little).

This 2018, after having found God and having been found by Him (and fully recovered and making art!), I’m attempting to write and blog again. I can sense the Lord’s leading on this venture, or if that sounds too weird for you (never have I mentioned God in this blog before, anyway), instead I’ll ease you in and say that “the Universe” (best said out loud in a mysterious, ominous voice) is conspiring to make it happen. *makes spirit fingers*

But! Get used to the mentions of God here and there. I see myself blogging about art, illustration, faith, everyday life, inspirations, and whatnot– a nicheless blog (that’s supposedly bad for blogging business but I am avoiding turning this blog into a business and numbers venture).

I’ll write about what sketchbooking has taught me. About how I got started in illustration. How I got an illustration agency to represent me internationally. And how God told me to let go of my agent three years later. I’ll blog about all my learnings and insights about faith. About how my biggest character flaw has turned out to be an advantage in my illustration career. Stuff like that.

Stay tuned. I’m looking forward to writing again 🙂

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