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God reroutes you for a reason

This is a repost from my personal Facebook account, from November 21, 2017.

I parked near St. Jerome church for the free parking, then I walked over to Alabang Town Center to run errands. I was already in the middle of the mall when I realized I forgot my other bag so I walked aaaaallll the way back to the car to get it… only to realize, when I got to the car, that I left the bag at home. *facepalm*

Discouraged by the thought of the long walk back to the mall (in the abnormal November heat) and seeing I was near the church, I remembered there was a prayer room there (Madrigal Center) so I stopped by to rest and check it out. It was my first time there. Their adoration chapel is nice and cozy and the airconditioning is great. Haha. I picked up an Our Daily Bread and landed on this page.

This is the second time TODAY that I’ve come across a line about burdens being blessings in disguise (3rd time in a week). K, Lord. Message received.

I went out of the prayer room and thought maybe I can go to confession, which I’ve been meaning to do this week but haven’t been mindful about scheduling it. The guard at the entrance told me confession in St. Jerome is at 5 PM. I looked at the time— 4:50 PM. Right on time.

I was asking myself (and God), “Anong purpose bakit bumalik pa ko sa kotse na ang layo layo eh wala naman pala yung bag ko doon?” Well, this was the answer. I was rerouted because I needed to see that message in Our Daily Bread and I needed to be there at the right time to be able to go to confession.

Additional story: confession may have been at 5 PM but at 5 PM, the priest was nowhere to be found. I still had things to do so I said to myself (and to God), “Pag wala pa yung pari ng 5:15, aalis na ko.”

The priest arrived at 5:14 😛