Ang Munting Anghel – new book sneak peek

Ang Munting Anghel book preview
I’m camera shy, sorry!

A few weeks ago, I received the printer’s proof of the children’s book I illustrated, Ang Munting Anghel (The Little Angel). There are still a few tweaks to be made regarding the layout of the text but I’m extremely pleased with how well the illustrations turned out printed!

Ang Munting Anghel book preview

Synopsis from the back of the book:

Araw-araw, isang kerubin sa langit ang nagmamasid sa mag-asawang taga-lupa. Matagal na kasi nilang nais magkaanak pero hindi sila pinapalad. Kaya naglakas-loob si Asuncion na humiling sa Panginoon. Ano kaya ang hiniling ni Asuncion? Pumayag kaya ang Panginoon? Alamin sa kuwentong ito na kukurot sa inyong mga puso.

English translation (translated by me as best as I could):

Everyday, a cherub from heaven looks on at a childless couple. They’ve been wanting to have a child for so long but they’ve never been able to. Asuncion gathered the courage to ask something from God. What did Asuncion ask for? Will God grant her request? Find out in this story that will touch your heart.

It won’t come out until later this year, around October 2012, but in the meantime here’s a little preview.

Ang Munting Anghel book preview
Ang Munting Anghel book preview
Ang Munting Anghel book preview
Ang Munting Anghel book preview

The book is printed in two languages (Filipino and English) and while it’s a local publication, we’ll make sure we can make it available for overseas buyers as well. I’ll let you guys know when it’s out! 😀


  • Eula

    That’s very exciting! (I know it’s bad but) I often buy children’s books based on the quality or character of their illustrations alone, and I will definitely be picking this up come October. I love the shapes and textures of your designs. Congratulations again!

  • Reg

    @Eula – I have to admit, I do that too. I judge a picture book by its cover 😛 Same with game apps on FB– I won’t play if I don’t like the graphics/illustrations. Heh. Thank you for your comment and support! 😀

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