Christmas, 11 months too early

I just recently finished some Christmas designs for my agent. When I say recently, I mean this month, January. Apparently, holiday designs are in demand all year round, with buyers in various stationery and art licensing shows looking for designs to license as early as January or February. Fortunately, the weather’s pretty cool and chilly here in Manila this time of year (it hit 18 C recently! Hello, climate change) so it’s not that ironic to be doing designs for December compared to, say, April or May, when the heat and humidity here is unforgiving.

Holiday cards

And since I’m on a pattern kick lately, I made a seamless pattern from the border elements, too. I think this will look great as a gift wrap or on gift bags.

Christmas pattern

Also mocked up how it would potentially look like as a stationery set with matching sticker seals, envelopes, and packaging.

Holiday boxed gift cards mockup
Holiday cards mockup

Happy holidays in advance! 😛 For art licensing inquiries, feel free to get in touch with me (contact form here) or Natasha from Advocate Art at natasha [at]