It’s been a busy couple of months – new work

Some snippets of new work I’ve made over the past several months:

A mock pirate boy dress-up game:

Pirate dress up

Pirate dressup

A couple of packaging design mockups:

Tea mockup

Just mockups for now, not actual products. But to have my work on packaging (food packaging, especially) is on my project wishlist.

Juice mockup

I really enjoyed working on these exploratory Bible character designs for a company that makes storybook apps:

Bible sketches

I was given a very open brief with a lot of room to play and explore, and I had to provide just sketches (for now). Shh, don’t tell the client, but doing these didn’t feel like work at all, and getting paid was just a bonus ;P

Bible sketches

A peek at a small sampling of Christmas work I did in August:

Trendy Christmas

And a few scenes for an educational book publisher:

Educational book illustrations

These are snippets from projects I’ve worked on in the past two months alone, aside from a ton of work on a project I can’t show, so I’ve been busy. Busy is good (to a certain extent– you don’t want to be TOO busy). Busy means blessed, and for that, I’m grateful. Every now and then though, I unplug and take time off, whether it’s to do nothing or to do something else entirely (read a book / watch a movie / take three naps in one day BECAUSE BED WEATHER), which is just as important to recharge the creative mind.

I’ll be unplugging this weekend and hieing off to an impromptu trip I said yes to. It’s nice to reboot the computer and the brain sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚