Sailing to Australia

I’m in the process of overhauling my portfolio and with it comes doing self-directed, personal illustration pieces to fill in gaps in areas I think my portfolio needs more of (narrative illustration for picture books and editorials).

Sailing to Australia

This is my most recent work illustrating an excerpt from Sailing to Australia, a poem by Alvaro Salinas Jr, also known as M.M. Socks.

Sailing to Australia


“I’m sailing to Australia
In a cardboard box
But since I don’t have any sails
I’m using my old socks.

I’ve tied them all together,
So they may catch the breeze
And since I’ve used ten long pairs
I’ll be traveling with ease.”

I first came across M.M. Socks’ poetry when he tweeted me about my work late last year. I had a look on his website. I’m actually not a fan of poetry, for most of those I’ve encountered tend to be dry, boring, self-indulgent, and pretentious. Not so with M.M. Socks’. His poems have a fun, delightful, and quirky quality to them. I read his stories with visuals already forming in my head. Sailing to Australia was especially fun to illustrate as the story was so imaginative— a boy turning a cardboard box into a boat? Using socks for a sail?

Sailing to Australia

I had fun thinking up and adding little details that wasn’t in the story— the hand-drawn controls and dials on the box’s flaps, for example, and the fact that a buoy secured by Scotch tape helps keep the box afloat. Little details and quirks only small children think of. It just so happens I’m a kid myself, just trapped in an adult’s body 😛

Sailing to Australia

I still have two more of M.M. Socks’ stories to illustrate, so watch out for that 🙂 In the meantime, you can view more of M.M. Socks’ (Alvaro Salinas Jr) work (he has an e-book coming out this year!) on his website, and stay updated on his work via his Facebook page.

You can also view screenshots of Sailing to Australia’s illustration process here on my Behance gallery.

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