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20 Ways to Draw a Strawberry (and 44 Other Elegant Edibles)

I posted a video on TikTok of me drawing in this book and the video blew up, with over 680,000 views 1.5 million views and 170,000 likes 352,000 likes as of this writing (tbh it’s lowkey stressful to have that many notifs blowing up my phone 😅). People have been asking the title of the book and where to get it so I decided to write this post 🙂

The book is 20 Ways to Draw a Strawberry and 44 other Elegant Edibles by Zoe Ingram. It’s available here on Amazon, but I got my copy from the Big Bad Wolf book sale in Manila last year (2018):

With my bags full of books! I’ve just added a new category for BOOKS here on my blog; I will be writing more about my art, design, and religious book recommendations in the future so stay tuned 🙂
The Big Bad Wolf book sale in Manila (2018)

20 Ways to Draw a Strawberry, published by Quarry Books, is a simple book with prompts, blank pages, and sample drawings to get you started on unlocking 20 (or more!) different ways to draw food items:

A peek at the table of contents

Twenty premade drawings are provided by the author/illustrator, Zoe Ingram. The rest of the page is left blank for you to fill in with your take on 20 more ways to draw the item given. And yes, from the way it sounds, it’s quite a creative challenge to think up ways to draw a single object differently! Your creative juices will be squeezed and your artistic muscles flexed in filling up this book.

I’ve filled in several pages using different media– watercolor (don’t use too much water; the book’s pages aren’t for wet media), colored pencils, pens, acrylic markers, and brush pens.

20 premade drawings provided by the author, Zoe Ingram, laid out across the page. I filled it in with 20 other drawings of my own, marked with numbers encircled in gray.
See the carrot from VeggieTales?

I bought this book on a whim at Big Bad Wolf because it was so inexpensive (maybe Php 100?!). It makes for good practice to challenge oneself to think out of the box and suspend whatever art style you have (if you already have one) and try out new things. I’m looking forward to filling in the other pages (I will TikTok it!) in between more serious creative work.

This is the video on TikTok that blew up, by the way:

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20 Ways to Draw a Strawberry and 44 Other Elegant Edibles: A Sketchbook for Artists, Designers, and Doodlers is available on Amazon for $5.53. Check it out here:

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