Sketches and doodles

All work and no play makes Reg a dull girl.

When I take a break from drawing (work), I end up doing more drawing (non-work). It’s like playing. They say it’s important to also spend time on personal work as these are the things that will get you paid projects in the future. Here are a couple of stuff not directly related to what I’m working on. I wish I can tell you what it is I’m working on, but I’m not big on announcing stuff until they’re completed (here’s a 6-minute TED talk that supports that idea) ๐Ÿ˜›

Sketching break
A page from my sketchbook
Death by chocolate
I’m not a dog person so I wasn’t aware until recently that chocolate can be poisonous for dogs. Whodathunk?!

If these personal works will be landing me paid gigs in the future, I hope that these future projects involve animals, chocolate, and coffee. And bacon. Mmmmm. Bacooonnnn…