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Surtex 2014 and new work

It’s Surtex season for a lot of artists, illustrators, and surface designers all over! Surtex (SURface and TEXtile) is an annual trade show held in New York every May, and this year it happens this Sunday, May 18. It’s a B2B (business to business) trade show attracting wholesellers, manufacturers, and buyers to buy and license original art to put on products– journals, gift wrap, greeting cards, home decor, party plates, tabletop accessories, and other gift ware. My agents at Bright Art Licensing will be bringing my work to the show:

Reg Silva Surtex2014

(This Surtex flyer was posted on one of my favorite design blogs, Print and Pattern)

I have a good amount of new/recent work. Here’s a (very) small sampling of what’s available:

Reg Silva - Surtex work
Christmas work
Reg Silva - Surtex work
Everyday and birthday


If you’re in the industry and you’re off to Surtex, look for Bright’s booth (#631) and request to see more.

I’m hoping that by Surtex 2015, it’s not just my work that will be there, but that I’ll be physically present there myself! Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed!

* * *


I haven’t been blogging because aside from working on a secret project I can never share with anyone, ever (damn these NDA’s!), I’ve also been busy developing new work for my primary/secondary educational portfolio for my agents at Bright, for the children’s division. I used to avoid drawing people (preferring anthromorphized animals doing human stuff instead) but the more I draw human figures, the less scared I am of the challenge and the easier it gets, little by little 🙂

Reg Silva - primary/educational artwork

Reg Silva - primary/educational artwork

Reg Silva - primary/educational artwork

Reg Silva - primary/educational artwork

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