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Sushi and Tiger, and other cats in my life


Let’s get this out of the way: I am a crazy cat lady.

Some of you might have noticed a brown tabby cat in my recent Wordless Wednesdays. That’s Tiger, just one of two cats I have. The Illustration Friday drawing prompt for last week was WHISKERS, and while I missed the deadline (hihi- didn’t have time to blog then), I thought it would be a good time to introduce you to my cats as they will be showing up a lot in my work (they already have, actually).

My cat, Sushi

This is SUSHI (7 months old). A few months ago, my family and I moved to a new house. Sushi lived in that house; a stray born on the construction site. She never left because the construction workers kept feeding her their leftovers. They named her Maria with a Filipino accent (pronounced “Mar-ya”) and I would see “Maria” hanging around the workers and trying to play with the tape measure when they were measuring stuff. When we moved in and the construction workers left, Maria stayed behind and I changed her name to Sushi (well, it was Susie for a few weeks before I remembered I wanted to name her Sushi). I was happy to finally have a cat I can call my own ๐Ÿ˜€ Sushi is very affectionate– she likes to sit on laps and will sit there until you push her off, but she also likes to scratch and bite if you pet her for too long.

My cat, Tiger

Then there’s TIGER (6 months old). I got Tiger from a friend a month after I adopted Sushi. I came home one day with a new cat, then sneaked her in upstairs to my room (like a 7-year old!) so my cat-hating family (my dad, especially) won’t throw both of us out into the street….. Now my family doesn’t hate cats anymore, and in fact they’ve taken a liking to Tiger in particular as she is super sweet and extremely well-behaved. She’s not a lap cat like Sushi is, but you can pet her as much as you want and she’ll neither bite nor scratch no matter how annoyed she gets. Hahaha.

Crazy little cat lady
Apparently, I was already a crazy cat lady even at 3 years old.

Before Sushi and Tiger came along, I’ve already made a number of doodles and sketches (see my Tumblr sketch blog) featuring cats:

Cat doodles
Cat doodles
Cat doodles
Oh yes, I already had a cat name picked out before I even knew I was going to get a cat.

I love cats– they’re so entertaining and amusing and I like how, unlike dogs, they only do things because they want to, and not because another person expects them to. They have a mind of their own and don’t care what others think. Cats probably appeal to me because I’m like that, too (also, I like sleeping). When I grow up, I want to be a cat. All they do is eat, sleep, play, poop, and sleep some more. Sounds good to me!

It’s been 3 months since I’ve been an cat owner (cat slave? I clean their litter box and flush down their poop and spend my money on cat food and vet expenses) and more and more, cats have found their way into my sketches, doodles, Instagram photos, and even finished work.



Some illustration advice I received recently which I’m passing on to illustrators, designers, and other creatives who happen to be reading: “If you want to do _____, have _____ in your portfolio.” Makes sense. Personal work also leads to paid work, so here’s to more doodles and drawings of cats (cat haters be warned!), for fun and profit! :3

Do you have cats, too? I wanna see! Post a link to a picture below or share a photo of your cats on my Facebook page ๐Ÿ™‚ (Note: my cats are spayed, so don’t bother matching up your tomcats with mine– we’re not accepting kitty suitors :P)