That awkward moment where I talk about boys I’m too old for


One of my freelance projects I worked on while in the US are these paper dolls of a British boyband that’s really making waves these days: One Direction. However, since I’m old (no, not THAT old), don’t watch TV, and live under a rock (a.k.a. working from home), I have to admit I have NEVER heard of them until I got the assignment from Summit Media (publishers of magazines such as Candy, Real Living, local versions of Esquire, Cosmo, etc) as they were releasing a collector’s edition fan magazine about the band. Prior to starting the project, I asked my 18-year old American cousin if she has heard of One Direction. “Yeah!” she said, her face lighting up. “I mean, I’m not very familiar with their songs but my friends like them.”

Since working on this project, I’ve been seeing the 1D boys everywhere: on a magazine in the hands of a 7-year old girl on the airport shuttle in LAX, on park goers’ t-shirts in Universal Studios, on shop windows in malls here in Manila. They’re everywhere. You might have heard of their single, What Makes You Beautiful. Aha, lightbulb moment. I’ve heard that, but I thought that was sung by the Jonas Brothers or something. Anyway, One Directon is this generation’s equivalent of the Backstreet Boys (but cuter, and with British accents), whom I fangirled over when I was in grade 6 (my age is showing– you do the math). I bet if I were 12 years old today, I’d be a Juan Directioner, too (what Filipino fans of 1D call themselves).

I was given photo references of the boys and was asked to make two outfits for each boy, plus a couple of outfits for a girl doll so their fans can pair themselves up with the boys. Here’s a sample of some of the outfits. They’re based on actual outfits the boys have worn in concerts and pictorials.


The fan magazine was released some time last week. It sold out quick, everywhere. I had a hard time getting a copy but I finally got a hold of the mag in Astroplus in SM Makati after popping in and out of most major malls north and south of Manila.


Of course I had to cut out the outfits and dress up Harry Styles, a.k.a. Big Hair (I gave nicknames to the boys before I could figure out who was who. There’s Blondie, Exotic Guy, Justin Bieber, and Justin Bieber #2. But don’t worry, One Direction fan girls! I can now match their names with their faces). Harry (right-most guy on the magazine cover) and Zayn (second from left on the cover) are my favorite, looks-wise. Teehee.


The finished product:


Now I’m seriously LSS-ing* on What Makes You Beautiful.

The One Direction Collector’s Edition fan magazine published by Summit Media is available only in the Philippines for only P150 ๐Ÿ™‚

*LSS – stands for Last Song Syndrome, a term Filipinos use to refer to when the last song you heard gets stuck in your head. Also known as a music earworm in the western world.