My creative workspace on Katha magazine + a giveaway!

Want to see where I work?

Newly-launched Katha Magazine featured my creative space in their second issue released November 3rd. Have you seen Katha yet? It’s a bi-monthly creative resource for and about Filipino creatives and is filled with interesting articles, awesome photos and art direction, and great creative styling! I’m honored and flattered to be asked to be part of their second issue to share pictures of where I work ๐Ÿ™‚


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I work from home, and home is my parents’ house in Paranaque (in Filipino/some Asian cultures, children typically still live with their parents until they get married). I can’t believe I’ve been working from home for five years already. Almost two years working from home fulltime and on night shift for an American company, and the rest as a freelancer.

My creative workspace on Katha magazine + a giveaway!

Working from home is not for everyone. I’ve always been a homebody and an introvert (bordering on anti-social!) even at a young age so working from home suits me. I’ve tried working in coffee shops (when I’m hit with a bout of cabin fever) but I don’t do that very often as I get distracted by people coming and going, coffee, and lemon squares. I far prefer working from home. It can get very isolated though especially with a “shut-in” career like illustration, so if you crave social interaction, or don’t have the discipline to work from home (“Oh, look! A bed! I’m just going to– zzzzz”), working in an office setting might be better.

My creative workspace on Katha magazine + a giveaway!
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I am very grateful I get to do my work from the comforts of home, especially when I get on Facebook and see people on my feed complaining about how they’re sitting in horrible traffic on the way to/from work, or how they had a hard time getting a ride home because it was raining and “walang masakyan.” I am most especially grateful that I’m in an industry where working from home is practically the norm (talk to other illustrators. Notice how we’re all socially awkward and aloof? That’s what very minimal social interaction does to ya!).


In collaboration with Katha Magazine, I’m giving away a set of Wedgienet loot! Woot, woot!

My creative workspace on Katha magazine + a giveaway!
All original stuff I made with my bare hands or zapped from my brain and into the computer!


Katha’s second issue is all about celebrating the spirit of giving and receiving. I’ve been blessed with a life and a career I love, and I think that shines through in my work– cheerful, bright, happy. And I’m passing on my work to one reader who can answer the following question: WHAT IS YOUR IDEAL WORKSPACE LIKE?

My creative workspace on Katha magazine + a giveaway!

Send in your answers here: . The deadline is on December 15th, 2013. I will only be able to check and see the answers after the deadline. Please note that this giveaway is open for Philippine residents only (aww!), but international readers (all two of you), don’t worry as I have another giveaway later this month that’s open to everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you to Katha, especially to Allie, for inviting me to be part of your fab second issue! I really appreciate it <3 You girls rock! ๐Ÿ˜€

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