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DIY Tattooed Banana (WHUT?!)

Here’s a fun and silly little DIY you can do this weekend with a banana, a needle or a pin, and a few precious minutes of your time which you will never get back!

Did you know that if you poke holes into a banana, the holes will turn brown almost immediately?

“Saging lang ang may puso” is a line from a campy Tagalog movie that went viral a few years ago. Don’t ask. Let’s leave it at that.

Using a needle or a pin, poke tiny little holes into the banana skin.

The holes will turn brown and then black the longer you wait.

2 hours later

2 hours later

It’s a fun and silly little thing to do to amuse friends, family, and children, but check out this artist’s amazing and intricate banana tattoo portraits of John Travolta, Steve Jobs, David Bowie, and other personalities.

(via How About Orange)