Odds and Ends


I lost my phone just before the holidays. Let’s not get into how I lost it, but it involved stupidity. I wasn’t too bummed though. If anything, I was slightly relieved– I hated my old phone as it was hard to use and counter-intuitive. Losing my phone was an excuse to get a new one! :3

I went phone-less for a while because I couldn’t be bothered to get a new one in the middle of all the Christmas holidaze. So for two weeks I walked around, unwired from the world and without a care, as if I put everyone/everything else on the backburner. What a great feeling!

I can’t be phone-less forever though, so eventually I walked into my phone service provider’s store and waited for over three hours to get myself………. an Instagram account ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hahahaha!

Colored pencils from Muji

At the Greenbelt 3 cinemas


A spread from my travel sketchbook (more on that in a future blog post)


The novelty has not worn off yet. I’m really enjoying the prettiness other people upload on the app. Here are more of my other if-this-photo-did-not-have-a-filter-applied-to-it-it-would-look-like-crap snaps I’ve taken so far (no latte foam art and sunsets… YET):


01: walking around in Greenbelt 3, 02: mess on my desk part 1, 03: mess on my desk part 2, 04: candy jar


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