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Subscribing to RSS feeds (mine, specifically)

Some of you might’ve noticed that going to my URL, Wedgienet.net, now brings you to my portfolio page instead of showing you my most recent blog posts, as was the case previously. Annoying? Very.

I myself don’t like the extra step of clicking on the blog link in the menu bar above just to get to the recent entries. However, if I were to send my website link to an art director for her to check out my portfolio, my work is what I’d like to be seen first and foremost, not my blog.

“So what about me, your average reader?” you complain. “Do I really have to make an effort to click a second time just to see your posts when I type in your URL, and then not find any new blog posts after all that work?”

Subscribing to RSS feeds

First of all, welcome to 2013! Where are you from, 2001? You’re still manually going to my website just to check if I’ve updated or not? Haven’t you heard of RSS feeds?

Subscribing to RSS feeds

To be honest, I don’t know/have forgotten what RSS stands for and I’m too lazy to google, but let’s just say it stands for Reg Silva Subscriber. Basically, enter my feed URL, http://www.wedgienet.net/feed/ (link not clickable; it’ll show up as code), into an RSS reader (I use Feedly. Other RSS readers include Flipboard, Reeder, Digg Reader). What happens then is that every time I type up a new blog entry…

Subscribing to RSS feeds

…and hit PUBLISH…

Subscribing to RSS feeds

…the new blog entry shows up on your RSS reader on your computer and mobile phone (if you opt to install an RSS reader app).

Subscribing to RSS feeds

No more manual checking and typing my website URL to check for blog entries. And you can do this with other websites and blogs you want to be updated on, too. Just subscribe to their RSS feeds (you can find it by looking for a button or icon (usually orange) on their site which looks like a wifi signal lying on its side— scroll up the top of this page to view my site’s RSS symbol among my social networking icons) to get new updates delivered to you, all in one place. You’re welcome.

No, seriously, I don’t know why I know very, very few people (in real life) who know what RSS is for. But then after writing up this post and drawing those doodles to explain the portfolio-blog page switch and get people to read this without falling asleep, I remembered there’s Facebook pages and they’re kind of the same thing as RSS.

Subscribing to RSS feeds

So bottomline, to avoid that second click to see my newest blog entries, either subscribe to my RSS feed, wedgienet.net/feed, or become a fan on my Facebook page. Or do both. Either way, you’ll get updates as soon as there’s something new on this site. And here’s a little hint: sometimes I post micro-updates on my Facebook page that I don’t post anywhere else 😉

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