• Odds and Ends

    Book find: Richard Scarry’s Best Mother Goose Ever

    Recently, I was at a mall I don’t usually frequent and having gotten lost trying to find a restaurant I was supposed to be at for a Christmas get-together, I chanced upon a secondhand bookstore. I went in to browse mindlessly, not looking for anything in particular. I was at the children’s section and I was made aware of a thought and a feeling; like a gut instinct kicking in: that I was going to find something special. I didn’t know what, but a few minutes I later, I spotted a 1970 edition of a Richard Scarry book. Bingo!

  • Illustration

    Roughs, sketches, storyboards, and final art for Aki Alupihan

    I just realized I never posted about this project I worked on late last year. Actually, there have been a few projects I haven’t blogged about, but let’s start with this.   Bobim Papasin, the author of my first illustrated book, Ang Munting Anghel, wrote a short story about Aki, an alupihan (Tagalog word for centipede) and his family. Bobim got me to illustrate two scenes from the story and he entered the manuscript in Singtel’s 2013 Asian Picture Book Awards. Unfortunately, the entry didn’t make it to the finals but coming up with work like this, especially on a tight schedule, is reward enough for me. It’s a story…

  • News

    Dragonfly, Dragonfly, Show Us The Way – Illustrated e-book

    Some news! I’ve illustrated my first e-book! 🙂   Earlier this year, Flying Books, a publisher of children’s e-books on the iOS platform, matched me with Chris and Melissa Bugaj from the Night Light Stories podcast who wrote this wonderful story about a dragonfly, a buffalo, and a ferret on an adventure. They needed an illustrator to bring the story to life, and that illustrator turned out to be me! I got the assignment for Dragonfly, Dragonfly, Show Us The Way in March 2012, a few weeks before I was to leave for a 2-month working vacation in the US. The timing was inconvenient, but I wasn’t going to pass…

  • Illustration

    Ang Munting Anghel – new book sneak peek

    I’m camera shy, sorry!   A few weeks ago, I received the printer’s proof of the children’s book I illustrated, Ang Munting Anghel (The Little Angel). There are still a few tweaks to be made regarding the layout of the text but I’m extremely pleased with how well the illustrations turned out printed!   Synopsis from the back of the book: Araw-araw, isang kerubin sa langit ang nagmamasid sa mag-asawang taga-lupa. Matagal na kasi nilang nais magkaanak pero hindi sila pinapalad. Kaya naglakas-loob si Asuncion na humiling sa Panginoon. Ano kaya ang hiniling ni Asuncion? Pumayag kaya ang Panginoon? Alamin sa kuwentong ito na kukurot sa inyong mga puso. English…

  • News

    I have an agent!

    When I resigned from my design job last October 2011 to get back into freelance illustration, my goal was to get an artist representative. Being from the Philippines, it’s hard to get connections and client projects beyond Asia and my own country. As an illustrator, I would also rather work on the art than negotiate contracts, chase payments, create paperwork for licensing rights, and all that boring, nosebleed-inducing stuff. That’s where the art rep comes in. Regular visitors to this site (all two of them) might have noticed a red “represented by” image on my blog sidebar I put up several weeks ago. I’m happy to announce I am now…