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    Surtex 2014 and new work

    It’s Surtex season for a lot of artists, illustrators, and surface designers all over! Surtex (SURface and TEXtile) is an annual trade show held in New York every May, and this year it happens this Sunday, May 18. It’s a B2B (business to business) trade show attracting wholesellers, manufacturers, and buyers to buy and license original art to put on products– journals, gift wrap, greeting cards, home decor, party plates, tabletop accessories, and other gift ware. My agents at Bright Art Licensing will be bringing my work to the show: (This Surtex flyer was posted on one of my favorite design blogs, Print and Pattern)

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    Pixelbureau interview, 2009

    For lack of fresh blog content (I’ve been traveling these past few days), I’ll be re-posting an old interview the now-defunct Pixelbureau (a local design portal/online magazine) did with me in 2009. My About page references this interview and the link has been grayed out for the longest time, so now’s a good time to resurrect it. I may have done this interview three years ago but my answers then still pretty much hold true even today. Some of my earlier work accompany the interview below. 1. Could you introduce yourself and share to us how you ended up in the design world as illustrator/graphic designer?   My name is…

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    DIY Muji colored pencil tube

    What happens when you have a plain cardboard canister and an afternoon of procrastinating?   I have a lot of personal projects brewing in my head all the time but I usually have no time motivation to act on them… except when I’m procrastinating on more important tasks at hand. Last year, I bought mini colored pencils from Muji, a Japanese lifestyle brand with beautiful, minimalist, and “unbranded” household/stationery/travel/furniture/clothing products. The colored pencils came in an unmarked brown Kraft tube– perfect for personalizing, I thought, as with everything else Muji sells. It took me a few months before I thought of what to do with it, and when I did,…

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    It’s a washi day

    I have to admit that when I first learned I was going to Japan, the first thing that came to mind was not autumn foliage, Japanese culture, temples, or even sushi. I had only one thing in mind: WASHI TAPE!!! I first came across washi tape on Etsy a couple of years ago. They’re decorative rice paper tape produced in a variety of designs and colors, used mostly for arts and crafts. Being a sucker for anything bright and colorful, I was immediately drawn to them. Unfortunately they were mostly only available in Japan where they are manufactured, and shipping cost an arm and leg. I had to content myself…