• Odds and Ends

    A Society6 review: what do their products look like in real life?

    Some time ago, I ordered some of the stuff I sell on Society6 to check out the quality of the merchandise. If that sounds weird to you, it’s only because I don’t actually have any of my products on hand– I just upload the designs and Society6 produces and ships them on demand from their US production facilities (I get a portion of every sale). Just clarifying this as some people think I produce and ship the merchandise myself. iPhone case, $35 USD I first ordered my Kitty Pattern phone case for my iPhone 4S late last year (2012), I think. I took advantage of a free shipping promo going…

  • News

    Wedgienet.net on Society6

    A few years ago, I had a shop on Etsy selling my illustrated handmade goods such as notebooks, tumblers, stickers, and other paper goods. As much as I like unwinding by making stuff by hand, my purpose for selling on Etsy was not to uplift the handmade movement or whatever, but because I liked having my work on tangible products and making it accessible to whoever’s interested in owning something with my design on it. Unfortunately, due to time constraints and a shift in priorities, I closed shop almost two years ago. Making things with my illustrations on them was taking up the time I should be illustrating.   Society6…

  • Illustration

    Illustration Friday: Fluid (and visual puns)

    For this week’s Illustration Friday (which I need to make a habit!), I thought this illustration I happened to be working on was a fit for the week’s topic, which is fluid. It’s part of an ongoing set of visual pun illustrations, inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest (are you on Pinterest? Find me there πŸ˜‰ )   Watchuteenk? Any other suggestions? πŸ™‚