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    Illustration Friday: Edge

      When I saw the week’s Illustration Friday prompt, this scenario immediately came to mind and I just had to draw up a quick doodle. It’s based from a compilation of hilarious and supposedly true Filipino beauty pageant answers I read years ago. English is widely spoken in the Philippines, but with over 150 local dialects (and accents), it still gets misheard, mispronounced, and misinterpreted quite often 😀 Check out some other hilarious, laugh-out-loud beauty pageant answers here! (note: some of it is written in a mix of English and Filipino)

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    Illustration Friday: Lost

    San Francisco, May 2012. It was my first time to really be alone while traveling. I was in San Francisco the month before, but only for a couple of days and with friends. Now I was back for some unfinished business and I didn’t bother contacting my friends in the city since it was a short and quick weekday visit. Sometimes I draw myself as a cat. Meow. Now I don’t mind traveling alone and in some ways, I prefer being alone so I can do anything I want without having to consider the other person’s needs/wants (ha, I’m selfish). Fun! What’s NOT fun, though, is getting lost alone. But…

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    Illustration Friday: Suspend

    It seems I only post Illustration Friday drawings if I happen to have work that fits the week’s topic. I know that’s not how it’s supposed to work, b-b-but… *incoherent mumbling* This week’s topic is Suspend. I worked on this image recently:   This reminds me of someone I know who told me about her ex-boyfriend’s reason for breaking up with her. “I think he wanted to be an astronaut,” she said. “He said he needed space.”

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    I’m baaaaaacccckk!

      Sorry for the long absence on this blog, but I’m back from my 2-month US trip! I like to lie low for a few days after a trip and keep it a secret from people (even friends, heehee) that I’m back in the country already (some people don’t even know I left, thanks to my stealth Facebook filters 😛 I’m a secretive Scorpio like that). I like having a few days to myself to recover from jet lag, unwind, and settle back into a routine. New posts to come soon! Glad to be back home in the third world 🙂

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    Illustration Friday: Fluid (and visual puns)

    For this week’s Illustration Friday (which I need to make a habit!), I thought this illustration I happened to be working on was a fit for the week’s topic, which is fluid. It’s part of an ongoing set of visual pun illustrations, inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest (are you on Pinterest? Find me there 😉 )   Watchuteenk? Any other suggestions? 🙂

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    Illustration Friday: Messenger

    In an effort to get back to Illustration Friday, I am shamelessly re-posting an old drawing as it’s a fit for this week’s topic, Messenger. I drew this a year ago on Odosketch, a simple, online drawing app with limited, muted colors and no undo function.   Throwing in an unrelated, just-finished drawing also made on Odosketch. It’s a drunk cat! No particular reason for the drawing but I did just buy a couple of bottles of San Mig Light just waiting to be opened (which I will get to after I post this) 😀   The interesting thing about Odosketch is that you can replay your drawing stroke by…