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    Do more of what makes you happy: my first postcard mailer

    After a few years of trying to get some illustration experience (having none after coming from a graphic design background), finding my style, figuring out which areas of illustration I want to specialize in, and building up my portfolio, I finally feel like I’m ready to take the next step: sending out a promo postcard mailer to potential clients (companies I want to work with). Before I even finished the illustration for what-would’ve-been-my-first-postcard-mailer, I already had a better idea. This is my quick and lazy concept sketch. I’m almost embarrassed to show you this. I drew this slumped over on a couch, and it shows 😛 My intent for this…

  • Odds and Ends,  Sunday Snippets

    Sunday Snippets: on speaking English, how I draw sunblock, and the land of Oz

      I don’t remember what I was thinking of that prompted this quick, warm-up drawing I made last week. But it’s a true story and during my last trip to the US almost a year ago, I got asked that question more times than I can count in a span of two months. One such incident was when I visited my cousin at her college dorm in Irvine and I was introduced to her American roommate. “Your English is so good!” the roommate exclaimed, after I answered the requisite questions on where I was from and how long I was staying in the States. She wanted to know how I…

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    I have an agent!

    When I resigned from my design job last October 2011 to get back into freelance illustration, my goal was to get an artist representative. Being from the Philippines, it’s hard to get connections and client projects beyond Asia and my own country. As an illustrator, I would also rather work on the art than negotiate contracts, chase payments, create paperwork for licensing rights, and all that boring, nosebleed-inducing stuff. That’s where the art rep comes in. Regular visitors to this site (all two of them) might have noticed a red “represented by” image on my blog sidebar I put up several weeks ago. I’m happy to announce I am now…

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    Pixelbureau interview, 2009

    For lack of fresh blog content (I’ve been traveling these past few days), I’ll be re-posting an old interview the now-defunct Pixelbureau (a local design portal/online magazine) did with me in 2009. My About page references this interview and the link has been grayed out for the longest time, so now’s a good time to resurrect it. I may have done this interview three years ago but my answers then still pretty much hold true even today. Some of my earlier work accompany the interview below. 1. Could you introduce yourself and share to us how you ended up in the design world as illustrator/graphic designer?   My name is…

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    Illustration Friday: Fluid (and visual puns)

    For this week’s Illustration Friday (which I need to make a habit!), I thought this illustration I happened to be working on was a fit for the week’s topic, which is fluid. It’s part of an ongoing set of visual pun illustrations, inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest (are you on Pinterest? Find me there 😉 )   Watchuteenk? Any other suggestions? 🙂