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    Pusspins stickers on InstaSize

    I was approached earlier this year by the guys at Munkee Apps to design a sticker pack for InstaSize, an app that lets you fit your photos on Instagram without cropping (among other things). I’ve never heard of InstaSize up until that point, but apparently it’s a very popular app across the iOS and Android platforms and I do notice my Instagram friends using it. InstaSize not only lets you fit photos; it can collage, add labels, filters, and backgrounds to your images as well. I was using 4 or 5 other apps to do these things prior to learning about InstaSize, so it was a relief to ditch the…

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    Going to the dentist and an Inquirer feature on my Instagram feed

    Note: This post was going to be a Sunday Snippets entry which should explain the randomness at the start. I didn’t get to post it then because my hosting provider was down at the time. * * * I went to the dentist last Saturday. Sad face. I hate, hate, HAAAAATE going to the dentist, even if it’s just for a routine cleaning. Going to the dentist is one of my biggest non-mortal fears, and while my current dentist is nice, I cannot fathom why there are people who choose to become dentists. It’s a horrible profession! …said the girl with a lot of cavities in her teeth. I had…

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    Illustrated travel journal: waiting for the train at LAX Union Station

    As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been traveling these days. I’ve been in California since the first week of April for a little working vacation to visit family and friends and go on little trips on the side. From Manila, I flew two hours to Taiwan where I spent some time during my four-hour layover looking for the Hello Kitty airport lounge (more on that in another entry). Then from Taipei, I took a 12-hour flight to Los Angeles. I was hoping to catch an in-flight movie but the man sitting in front of me on the plane had inconsiderately reclined his seat all the way back and…

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    Weekend projects

    No weekend plans? No problem! Plenty of ways to pass the time with weekend projects! Some sneak peeks: Saturday stay-in!   Cool cats. Planning to do tons of these for a promo piece.   Sad panda with a mustache. Um, what?   Catching up on my travel journal backlog (again… more on that in a future blog post… when I finish the journal).   Photos are from my Instagram account (@regsilvadotcom). Hope you had a good weekend! My Facebook page, by the way, recently hit 200+ likes (thank you!). Get in on that for occasional, non-spammy, and non-annoying updates: http://facebook.com/regsilvadotcom 🙂

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    I lost my phone just before the holidays. Let’s not get into how I lost it, but it involved stupidity. I wasn’t too bummed though. If anything, I was slightly relieved– I hated my old phone as it was hard to use and counter-intuitive. Losing my phone was an excuse to get a new one! :3 I went phone-less for a while because I couldn’t be bothered to get a new one in the middle of all the Christmas holidaze. So for two weeks I walked around, unwired from the world and without a care, as if I put everyone/everything else on the backburner. What a great feeling! I can’t…