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    Illustrated travel journal: Kansai region, Japan

    It’s been a year since my Japan trip, and I still have not finished my Japan travel journal. Seeing its been a year and there have been other trips since, I am giving up on ever getting it done and just posting what I have so far. Hihi. Osaka Castle park My first autumn! The onigiri as illustrated in the journal. Assorted sushi and maki from the supermarket My washi tape loot. See related entry about washi tape here. Kiyomizudera temple all lit up. Read my other Japan entries here, or view my other illustrated travel journals.

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    DIY Muji colored pencil tube

    What happens when you have a plain cardboard canister and an afternoon of procrastinating?   I have a lot of personal projects brewing in my head all the time but I usually have no time motivation to act on them… except when I’m procrastinating on more important tasks at hand. Last year, I bought mini colored pencils from Muji, a Japanese lifestyle brand with beautiful, minimalist, and “unbranded” household/stationery/travel/furniture/clothing products. The colored pencils came in an unmarked brown Kraft tube– perfect for personalizing, I thought, as with everything else Muji sells. It took me a few months before I thought of what to do with it, and when I did,…