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    Illustrations for Igloo Books reward pack

    Last February, I worked on a project for Igloo Books– a reward pack and wall chart activity book for children. Reward charts are apparently a thing nowadays– they’re progress charts you use with your child to reward him/her of good behavior– such as doing their chores, eating their vegetables, doing their homework, etc. Whenever the child progresses towards a goal in the chart, they get a star or a sticker as a reward, akin to the stamps we got in preschool for a job well done. Igloo commissioned me to illustrate some 50+ spot illustrations for this project– scenes showing various good behavior. Some sketches:

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    Sunday Snippets: New work sneak peeks + 2013 holiday gift tags in action

    I’ve been busy– busy behind the scenes and working on new stuff and collections for 2014. Let me show you a few sneak peeks 🙂 * * * Check out some of my 2013 holiday gift tags in action! This is how I did my Christmas wrapping this year: I used brown paper, red and blue printed ribbon, and my 2013 gift tags printed on matte photo paper. I used PhotoLast Professional Matte Photo Paper which I randomly came across a few years ago in Office Warehouse: I cannot rave enough about this paper. It’s priced reasonably (P250~? Maybe less) and the quality is amayyyyyzing. I print on it using…

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    Updating my portfolio

    In preparation for overhauling my portfolio, I’ve started adding and removing portfolio pieces to better convey to clients the kind of work I do and the kind of industry I want to get into: art licensing for stationery and paper products, illustrations for the youth market, and illustration for picture books, among others. Overhauling a portfolio isn’t easy. You can’t add every single job that you do and every now and then, you go through your folio and remove the ones which you feel aren’t representative of your work anymore. I was a graphic designer (well, I still am sometimes) before I decided to transition into being an illustrator so…