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I spent my Halloween at the adorable Rilakkuma Cafe in Taipei

I have something to confess.

I wasn’t able to visit a single night market in Taiwan 🙁

I know, I know. What a tragedy. To be in one of the best places in Asia to eat and not go to a single night market. I have my food allergies (I have a lot of them) to blame– two weeks before flying to Taiwan, I broke out in hives all over my face and entire body from eating fried chicken from a fastfood chain I tried for the first time. A bit paranoid from my experience (I had to go to the hospital ER where they hooked me up to antihistamines via IV), I wanted to play it safe in Taipei and stick to “safe” and unadventurous food as I was traveling alone. That meant no night markets 🙁

So… the highlight of my Taiwan trip, food-wise?

Ta-da! The Rilakkuma Cafe in Taipei. Haha!

I came across the Rilakkuma Cafe while searching for cool places to eat in Taipei. Some blogs mentioned this and it caught my interest. It was Halloween, October 31st, and I wanted to go for lunch! I did mention in my previous blog entries that I’m a sucker for cute stuff, no? That includes cute food. I thought it would be a good way to spend Halloween– instead of looking at ghosts and witches, I’d spend it with an adorable bear and his friends.

I love Rilakkuma; he’s my second favorite Sanrio character after Hello Kitty 😛 Let me show you the food at the Rilakkuma Cafe and you’ll know why I was sold on going:


That’s just the menu. I couldn’t wait to see what the actual food looked in person. The server got my order then while waiting for my food, I took photos of the place.

Then my food arrived!

I got a standard set meal via Klook (more on Klook later!). This is what I ordered: a Rilakkuma Omelette with Beef Bourguignon. LOOK HOW ADORABLE IT IS EEEEEEK

I’m not a big fan of beef and I initially wanted a different dish (the cheese rice ball in cream sauce!). But the Omelette, for me, was the cutest out of the meals they had so– GOING BY LOOKS ALONE– I chose this one. I mean, c’mon– RILAKKUMA IS SLEEPING UNDER A BLANKET OF EGGS! With R written on it (it stands for Rilakkuma and also Reg)! It’s INSANE how cute this is.

It wasn’t only good-looking; it was actually good, too– full of flavor and very filling as the serving was big.

My set meal came with dessert as well and this is what I had:

I didn’t get the name of this dessert but it was a caramel-y, coffee-flavored cheesecake thing. Delicious!

The food presentation was also really good and well thought-of! I washed everything down with a drink (which didn’t come with my set meal; I ordered it separately).

Check out their other desserts!


I mentioned that I got this set meal via Klook. Stay with me– this is not a sponsored post 🙂 HAVE YOU USED KLOOK BEFORE?! I haven’t, prior to this trip! I would come across mentions of it on blogs but I never paid attention. I only did when I booked my Rilakkuma Cafe experience. Turns out Klook is this amazing travel voucher app that lets you book discounted activities, tours, hotels, passes, entrance tickets, etc.

Klook had a voucher for a set meal at the Rilakkuma Cafe which I bought before leaving for Taiwan. It came out cheaper (around 15% off) to avail of my set meal via Klook than if I had paid in person at the restaurant for the dishes I ordered. All I had to do upon arrival at the Rilakkuma Cafe was present my already-paid-for voucher on my phone and they got me my order! It was as simple as that. I just had to pay extra for the drink (not included in the set) that I availed of at the restaurant.

I left a review on Klook after my experience and I got credits for doing so. Those credits are good as cash on Klook.

Check out a similar Rilakkuma Cafe voucher I availed of (for another Rilakkuma Cafe location though! The original voucher I used is no longer active), and if you haven’t used Klook before, sign up for it via my link and get $25 HKD (P150~) to spend on any booking: https://www.klook.com/invite/59UXPL?c=PHP 

All in all it was a good dining experience if you’re into cute food and themed restaurants (it may not be for everyone!). The food is admittedly pricey because it’s a themed cafe (you’re paying for the license and experience) but the servings are generous and the food is actually really good (people generally don’t expect much, taste-wise, from themed cafes). I’d probably go to the Rilakkuma Cafe again next time I’m in Taipei. Haha!

(P.S. Bakit sa Pinas wala tayong mga themed cafe featuring local characters? Ayaw niyo ng Enteng Kabisote Cafe?!)

Rilakkuma Café, Taipei
No. 3, Lane 248, Section 4, Zhongxiao East Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm Daily
Nearest MRT: Zhongxiao Dunhua Station, Exit 3