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Illustrated travel journal: waiting for the train at LAX Union Station

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been traveling these days. I’ve been in California since the first week of April for a little working vacation to visit family and friends and go on little trips on the side.

From Manila, I flew two hours to Taiwan where I spent some time during my four-hour layover looking for the Hello Kitty airport lounge (more on that in another entry). Then from Taipei, I took a 12-hour flight to Los Angeles. I was hoping to catch an in-flight movie but the man sitting in front of me on the plane had inconsiderately reclined his seat all the way back and I couldn’t see the screen in front of me properly. Oh, the hassle of flying economy. I slept a lot instead (what else is there to do?) and worked on this page.

What's in my bag
I really regret not bringing a book along. I didn’t want to add bulk to my already-overstuffed luggage.


by the Embarcadero
by the Embarcadero. Photo from my Instagram.

I spent a nice-but-too-short weekend in San Francisco a few days ago and it was so short that I didn’t even make a dent in my travel journal, but I found enough idle time for a few pages of drawings while waiting for the Amtrak from LA to San Diego after my SF weekend.

Waiting at Union Station
You can click here for a bigger version of this page.


What I'm Wearing
The girl from the tropical country wears too many layers for LA.

I’m chilling for the next few weeks here in San Diego and hopefully I can sneak in more drawings in my journal. I’ve not finished my journal entries from my Japan trip yet!