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Two weeks in Bohol

Last May I went to Bohol for some R&R (they call it self-care these days, I guess). It was a much-needed two-week break from being “over-peopled” and it was also a chance to get some art/work done in a new environment.

It wasn’t my first time in Bohol. I was there last year for my friend’s wedding and I found Panglao island just beautiful:

Last year’s Bohol trip (2018) – South Palms Beach Resort
Hennan Resort, Panglao, Bohol (2018)

I decided to go back to Bohol when I was choosing where to go for vacation. I chose Bohol because it had the right combination of elements I was looking for in a working vacation:

  • it should be a place I’ve been to before so I can work without spending as much days sightseeing
  • there should be ease and safety for me to go around as a solo female traveler
  • meals shouldn’t be a problem

For working vacations such as this, I look for several things for choosing a place to stay: price (not too expensive, but not too cheap either… matanda na ko para mag hostel), location (accessibility is important), WiFi, airconditioning (especially in the summer), free breakfast, and the most important thing of all… a WORK DESK. If the place I’m looking at has no available work desk, it’s a no go for me.

I stayed at Maya Playa Resort in Panglao which had all these things and they were so nice and accommodating enough to provide a sturdy work desk for me when I requested for one.

Breakfast at the resort

I got a lot of work done, both at the resort and on the beach.

I also very much enjoyed working on my art and taking my meals at the beach.

I spent most of my days working on my passion and profit projects, but also took a few days off for sightseeing, too.

The wonderful Loboc River
Dumaluan Beach
The Chocolate Hills, which weren’t very chocolate-y this time of year

It wasn’t all just work and play, though.

It’s not my first time to take a few weeks off from the real world to rest and recharge. I’ve been doing it once a year ever since I’ve been immersed in a faith community because… people. I’m an Extreme Introvert™ and it’s hard for me to people. It’s also an opportunity for me to re-center myself in God’s presence, which doesn’t always mean a church or a retreat house or some other religious setting.

I bring all my devotionals and other spiritual paraphernalia with me when I travel. This was my altar setup at the resort and yes, I also brought my Bible with me to the beach to read. Prayer and God’s Word gives me comfort, encouragement, guidance, and peace in the midst of all of that happens in life. Pero ang bigat ng maleta ko, with all the books and things I brought. Buti na lang hindi ako nag-exceed ng luggage limit 😛

* * *

At the end of two weeks I had surprised myself with the sheer amount of work I was able to put in. I had brought two sketchbooks with me: my regular one (right) and I also got started on a new one (left) for what seems to be a very rough draft for a future graphic novel, God willing.

Someday, years from now, perhaps you’ll see more of the fruit of those two weeks in Bohol.

* * *

It’s so important to take time off in a new environment if you can, and even more so if you’re an artist. It boosts your creativity and just being in a different place does wonders for your mind and perspective. I find that the places I visit always make their way back into my art and become part of my style; my artist’s journey.

For my past travel blogs and sketches, check out my travel posts. The last post prior to this one was six (!!!) years ago, but here’s hoping there’ll be more of these moving forward 🙂

Thank you, Bohol!