Hello! My name is Reg Silva. I'm an illustrator/painter based in Manila, Philippines. I draw and paint colorful, whimsical, and playful images inspired by my faith, usually drawing from my own experiences in life, prayer, and service.
My hope is that my work glorifies God and captures the joy, love, and comfort found in Christ. I pray my art draws people in and ministers to them, and inspires them to seek and pursue God of their own accord.
I'm currently in my third year of graduate studies, pursuing a Master Degree in Pastoral Ministry from Don Bosco School of Theology.
Design and illustration
I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Arts from De La Salle-College of St. Benilde. I went on to work as a motion graphics designer for the News and Current Affairs division of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Network. I also have had experience as a remote graphic designer for a creative agency in New York, designing digital ads, websites, and online games.
After 7 years in graphic design, I made the jump into the illustration industry. Tapping into my love for color, whimsy, and quirk, I built up an illustration portfolio and landed international representation with art agencies Advocate Art and Bright International, both in the UK.
In 2015, the Lord "found" and pursued me, one of His lost sheep. I had identified as an agnostic since my teenage years, shunning the Catholic faith I was born into. But God was relentless in His pursuit, and I accepted Him into my life at age 31.
It has been a whirlwind of an adventure since-- spiritual, emotional, intellectual-- and my faith has found its way to my art.
Coming from 4-5 years of creative block after accepting Christ into my life, I picked up a paintbrush and learned to paint with acrylic. I had a dream that I was to paint the Blessed Virgin Mary, and in the dream I saw the exact shade of red I was to use for the background.
That was the start of new life breathed into my art; drawing and painting from my Catholic Christian faith and trying to put in tangible form my "God stories" as I experience it.
I am awed by the path the Lord has led me on.
I was initially formed by and learned the value of service in a Catholic Charismatic prayer community. I'm grateful for the kind of spirituality and religious inclusivity I was exposed to in my early years of seeking God.
I have a deep love for the Holy Spirit, Whom I consult and partner with to try to be faithful in bringing about the Lord's message in my art (despite my limited human ability). Some saints I love: St. Joseph, Padre Pio, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Therese of Lisieux, and the three archangels: Sts. Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel.
I aim to create with respect to what the Catholic faith teaches through the Magisterium, and I honor tradition even as I take delight in discovering new paths to present the faith in new, creative ways.

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